How to give your direct mail campaign an extra punch

Despite the fact that direct mail marketing campaigns are more costly and labour-intensive than digital campaigns, they are very effective – if executed properly.

web2_171sIf you or your business is trying to increase sales through business-to-customer marketing, you simply can’t afford to ignore the impact and success a carefully executed direct mail campaign can have. However, you need to be sure that you follow some very important tips in order to make your efforts cost-effective.

Identify your markets

Whether your product or service targets the general public or just certain demographic groups, it is important to identify exactly who it is you are talking to – before you craft your direct mail message. Depending on the sex, age and income of the people you are communicating your offer to, you will need to make alterations to your colour schemes, artwork and language. You need to provide a solution to your target audience’s problems, so make sure you ascertain exactly who your message is being sent to before you spend time, effort and money on it.

Create a buzz around your message

Unless you have something very exciting to offer, the chances are your direct mail will be immediately filed in the nearest bin. Whether you are providing useful information, a free gift or an amazing discount, you need to get your message across from the moment your mail hits doormats around the country. You also need to ensure that your mail stands out from the millions of letters that are sent to homes around the UK every week. Spending some time on designing printed envelopes featuring your specific message could drastically increase your marketing campaign’s conversion rate.

Follow the principles of AIDA at every stage of the process

When you calculate the cost of a direct mail marketing campaign you will need to include the costs of printing, envelopes, copywriting, design and postage. Make no mistake; direct mail marketing is an expensive undertaking, so you need to be sure that you’re getting value for money. Follow the principles of AIDA, and you should give yourself or your business a great chance of getting a significant percentage of your mail opened.

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Grab the attention of your target audience, spike their interest with something exciting, make your potential customers want to take advantage of your offer and give them a very clear idea of what they should do next.

All of the principles of AIDA can be achieved in your marketing campaign by taking the time to design custom envelopes, which is why contacting Ace Envelopes today should be the first stage of the planning process.

Follow up and test

The most effective direct mail marketing plans take many attempts to perfect. The only way you can be sure that your investment has been worth it is to follow up on conversion rates. You can do this by including a very specific discount or action in your campaign – something that is very easy to track accurately. In the early days of your campaigns, you might need to experiment with various custom envelopes, different uses of language, different offers and different approaches to design.

By continually testing and reviewing your direct mail marketing campaigns, you will be able to identify what works, and what will end up costing your business money.