Writing a green business plan for 2015

Writing a green business plan can help draw together all of your company’s ideas for the future and put up framework to make them happen. It’s also a great resource to give to potential investors, so they can decide if they want to give you their money (so make it good!).business-plan-template-business-tips-web

Scrap systematic templates

Googling “business plan templates” may give you a rough idea of how to set out your business plan, but if you want to show others this document, you really need to wow them (especially if you’re looking for investors). Scrap the bland, vanilla structure and get excited about your business’ future. Before you know it, you’ll have 10 pages primed and ready to go.

Create an executive summary

For those who just need to get the gist of your plans, and executive summary is the perfect introduction. Make this upbeat and hook-in your readers, so they want to brave the whole document.

Show your risk management

A responsible green business has their risk management laid-out at every turn. Many eco companies can show their reliability by joining forces with a risk management company – insurance company, Lloyd’s, recently got on-board with ACWA Power, to ensure that they are protected from the potential pitfalls of sustainable energy. Make provisions for your own safety too.

Include market analysis

Make sure that everything you write is backed up with extensive research and analysis, so you have a strong business plan to take you into the future. Knowing your market will help to inform your company’s decisions. If you haven’t done enough research, you are creating your business plan blind. It’s not advisable.

Don’t go too heavy on the jargon

Your business plan needs to be easy to understand and read, so lay off the jargon for now – there are more appropriate times for it. If any investors want to see your business plan, they will be put-off if they can’t understand the text in front of them. Keep it simple; keep it clear. When you use jargon, make sure you explain what you mean.

Don’t be intimidated

When you are staring at a blank A4 document, it’s easy to feel intimidated; especially if this is your first formal business plan. Once you get into the swing of writing it, however, the words will come more easily. Roughly outline what you want to cover first, and then dive straight in! You can always make amendments afterwards. Got writer’s block? Try some of these cures.

Consider sustainability at every step

Being green is the name of the game, so show that you are considering sustainability in all of your decisions. There’s nothing worse than an eco-friendly company that isn’t striving to work towards their brand’s green principles effectively. People want to fall in love with an environmentally-friendly business that is beyond reproach. Do your best to be this paragon of the eco-system.

Accept that it’s likely to change

Business plans are always going to change. You never know what the future has in store for you, and your business will have to adapt to a volatile market. Don’t worry about that – this is the same for all companies and it just shows that you are adaptable.

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