Five safety precautions your business should be taking

Every business must be alert to the potential hazards posed by its operations. Accidents in the workplace are a concern, not least due to the sheer financial cost to a business. This is why your business needs safety precautions in place.

It’s said that the combined cost to employers of a major injury can stretch beyond £40,000 – cash that most firms can ill afford. Injuries don’t just come from accidents either, costly issues can develop over time as a result of the bad practice and no safety precautions.

safety precautions

That’s why it’s vital to take safety precautions and do everything possible to eliminate many of the risks in the workplace. Here’s five that you should implement:

Reporting system

The key to running a safe business is in identifying risks as quickly as possible and doing something before they become a problem. The key to that is setting up an effective reporting system where staff know who to contact and how to contact them. There needs to be a culture where everyone takes responsibility for each other and points out problems so they can be effectively dealt with and a clear reporting system and a health and safety policy will foster that culture.


You must regularly test your fire alarm and hold drills to determine how you would react in an emergency. Employees might grumble and groan but this is vital – you don’t want to have to run through this in the event of a real life fire. Regularly test your fire exits and smoke alarms and appoint a fire marshal to keep a record of tests and any issues.

Back pain

One of the biggest causes of long-term sickness in the workplace is back pain – whether that’s from heavy lifting or sitting uncomfortably in a chair at a desk. As a precaution a business should conduct regular training refreshers to ensure people are lifting safely and purchase good quality chairs for office staff – knowing how to adjust them for maximum comfort. Additional lumbar support may be necessary for some workers – it’s a very small cost to prevent absences.

Camera systems

Drivers are at risk when they take to the road on behalf of your business – especially if they are behind the wheel of big vehicles that can be difficult to manoeuvre. Large lorries have a worryingly big blind spot that can lead to motorway sideswiping or collisions with pedestrians and cyclists. Employees can be protected from this danger with the latest technology. Click here to see how companies can install a system of cameras and sensors to large vehicles to eliminate the blind spot, providing the driver with a full 360-degree view of their vehicle and alerts to address potential hazards.


Hazards don’t just occur in the physical operations of a business. Every firm will, in some way at least, be reliant on technology to conduct its work and that poses a safety risk in its own right. Strong, regularly updated passwords and anti virus software are essential – as is the need to update software regularly to ensure you’re running with the latest patches to keep your operating system robust. Keep a close eye on cables that may pose a fire risk too if they become frayed.

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