Creative KPI presentation

As the inexorable march towards big data continues, the rise of infographics as an integral business tool has been well documented.

As businesses and consumers turn increasingly to electronic devices to fuel digital lifestyles, attempts to integrate the vast swathes of data generated into coherent and concise forms have abounded. It is no surprise then that the presentation of data has become something of a nascent industry within itself – with a wealth of different approaches to an all too common problem. Which is why it is important to give a good KPI representation.

KPI presentationPerhaps nowhere is this more important than with business KPIs, organisational objectives and the monitoring of business practice. When it comes to quick and efficient identification of strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, it is quite obvious that infographics and well thought out visuals are truly the way forward – giving presentations a whole new, easily comprehensible dimension. What’s more, additional bonuses are afforded with the democratisation of data, or simply, across-the-board data access.

Show, not tell

What is required then, are simple and intuitive ways to present data in new configurations that provide at-a-glance insights and audience engagement at the same time. The key it seems, is to show and not tell – taking the onus away from the vocal and theoretical and returning it to the visual and experiential. Gone are the days of raw data simply collated and conferred through static programs such as Excel or PowerPoint, and a move towards more dynamic and responsive data presentation is well under way.

Companies such as datapine are now approaching data presentation from a “story telling” perspective as opposed to the traditional linear perspective. This approach is providing dynamic data visualisation accessible to all – simply by combining it with powerful yet intuitive dashboard software that gives even the most technically challenged employees the tools needed to create appealing presentations.

Professional monitoring and compelling reports

Online software such as the datapine dashboard, brings a host of powerful features to your desktop or even mobile device. Users can quickly and easily create customised dashboards and online reports without too much technical knowledge or previous experience. All business information can be monitored from a central location and database generation can be done in less than ten minutes. These features combine to provide deeper context and quicker insights into any available data.

Finally, with the advances in creative KPI presentation tools, dynamic charts and business based infographics, it seems that both start-ups and more established companies will have greater access to the ever growing data stores currently being generated. The main concept driving this democratisation of data is the opportunity to engage audiences and avoid drowning them in oceans of raw data. Across the board, businesses are beginning to identify and express their KPIs in new and improved ways, taking their companies into the future of data visualisation.

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