Blue by name, not by nature

Get the paintbrushes out – Blue has been chosen as the colour most likely to inspire productivity in the workplace.

According to a survey by Create A Wall, 1 in 5 respondents chose Blue as the colour which most inspired productivity. Interestingly however, there was a differing response between the genders, with males most likely to choose white as the most productive colour, whereas females sided towards yellow decor.

blue office wall

The claim that blue was the best for creating a workplace boost 45-54 year olds range, with 25.3% of respondents agreeing.

Research also showed that it is not just colour which has an impact on employee efficiency. Increasing natural light can lead to ‘lightbulb moments’ and an innovative wall mural can showcase your business’ personality and inspire your workforce more than a plain wall ever could.

Explaining the results of the findings, the team at Create A Wall said, “It could be down to the fact that blue inspires calmness and serenity. Nobody likes to work under pressure, so blue is the perfect choice to counteract feelings of stress and to ensure that your employees are working in a relaxed environment.”

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