Local entrepreneurs lead Camden’s mission to steal Shoreditch’s crown as London’s Start-up kingdom

Camden twenty-somethings Elliot Gold and David Kosky, are embarking on an ambitious plan to bring local creative entrepreneurs back to the borough through the introduction of WORKLIFE – a space the duo promise represents the ‘future of the work environment’ mood booths and think tanks included.

Camden_205663435Having long been the residence of choice for creative giants MTV and ASOS Headquarters, recent stats released by Camden Business and Employment bulletin have found Camden locals to be riding the crest of the wave of London’s entrepreneurial revolution, as home to the second highest number of micro businesses in the capital after Westminster, and the third highest number of start-ups.

“We wanted to create a space which caters to the changing working moods of our members, the flexibility to work when, how and where they want. With a wide variety of quiet retreats and collaborative settings, they can pick a place to work that supports how they feel – creative, calm, happy or excited. It’s about places to work, not workplaces. We have teamed up with an award-winning design firm to ensure every detail of the space provides the ideal environment for individuals and businesses to be at their most productive and creative as a result.” said Co-Founder David Kosky.

While business ownership amongst the borough’s local residents in not a new development, the trend for starting your own business which promises to transform the work landscape entirely by 2030, is being driven by a generation rewriting the rules around work habits, rejecting the concept of a rush hour in favour of working to their chosen schedule and ultimately blurring the lines between work and life.

“WORKLIFE was founded out of necessity. We have been growing increasingly frustrated as despite the number of entrepreneurs on our doorstep, the workspace options available to them are limited to local coffee shops and hot desks unsuitable for ambitious young businesses as they start to grow. We knew the time to launch the WORKLIFE concept was now,” said Co-Founder Elliot Gold.

With the borough prime location for the opening of a space designed to support the fertilisation of entrepreneurial minds, Camden isn’t just spurning quantity when it comes to new business -14% of the borough’s Start-ups had a turnover of over £1 million in 2013 with central London’s highest survival rates five years in.

Camden has been crying out for WORKLIFE, we have already pre-sold the majority of our offices and memberships and have secured investment to fund the opening of our second venue to cater to the demand. It’s incredible to be a part of a business which will have such a profoundly positive impact on the area we know and love,” said Elliot Gold.

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