How owning one van can change your career

On the face of things, a van is a utility vehicle that fulfils a purpose, but if you have one in your garage, you may not be using it to its fullest. Vans can take a beating over the years, but it’s well worth keeping yours for the career prospects alone. Even if you are too busy to turn your van into a full time business, there are still plenty of money-making opportunities that you can exploit. 

vanCourier service

What do vans do best? Deliver stuff! Whether you have a smart little number, like the Fiat Doblo, or a large builder’s van that has seen better days, you can run a courier business no problem. Flower shops are often in need of a delivery service, as are furniture shops. Kennels often need animal transport too, if you don’t mind dealing with cats and dogs.


No gardener can get around without the use of a transit van – there are just too many plants and tools to ferry around. If you have green fingers, you’re going to need transport for lawn mowers and spades. Start up your own landscape gardening business today; a van is all you need to get going.

Hire service

Especially when moving house, people need vans. By hiring out your van, you can make money without having to drive the vehicle yourself. That means that there is minimal effort involved for you, but large returns on your investment. Of course, this requires an element of trust in others, and you will have to protect yourself from theft, accidents, or damage. However, if you already have a full-time job that you’re happy with, this could be perfect for you.


Turn your commercial vehicle into portable catering. You can travel the country, setting up stall at festivals and get-togethers, providing anything from strong coffees to bacon sarnies. If you are extremely interested in catering, this could be a great move towards setting up your own shop. Decorate your van with whatever unique design that you like and specialise in a cuisine. Could it be bowls or ramen, or freshly baked cakes?


And, of course, you can choose the stereotypical career option for vans: bricklaying or building. Your van will become your greatest asset, carrying everything from cement mixers to drills. Now that the economy has picked up, work is good for self-employed builders. Get your trowels ready!

Painters and decorators

Another career path that requires a lot of equipment. Painters and decorators will need to travel around their local area, turning homes into beautiful living spaces. If you love to paint walls and ceilings, as you find it therapeutic, this could just be the job for you.