Become a top-notch manager: Use these strategies

To those swish Don Drapers and big decision makers, those CEOs and office pros – this is a muthaluvin’ shout out.


We appreciate your hard work, even if your employees further down the ladder don’t. You’ve got to make the decisions that no one else in your business can, schmooze with people you’d rather not and straddle the difficult limbo of utmost professionalism and approachable warmth.

It’s not an easy job – but your salary more than pays for your pains.

And the lower echelons want nothing more than to have your position of power and moolah. But most will have to up their game for a shot at the champ.

So what can they do to reach those heady heights and enjoy a shout out of their own? For a start, they should try a few of these strategies.

  • Success by degrees

You might’ve thought that your days of learning were over when you left school – but there’s still plenty of studying to do in the world of business.

Earning a BSc hons Management will boost your managerial prospects in almost every avenue. Providing you with a solid foundation in the most vital areas of business, you’ll become a well-rounded leader with a finger in every pie.

A big part of management is understanding the problems of a potentially disparate set of figures, which takes a specific type of interpersonal skill.

When you’re studying for a management qualification, which generally take the form of distance learning courses, you’ll be able to put your newfound skills into action straightaway, making you look mightily impressive to the higher ups.

  • Lead by example

There’s nothing worse than a boss who dictates a certain rule of behaviour without following it themselves. It’s an attitude that breeds resentment. In the long term, it could lead to a prolific staff turnover.

Creating a work ethic for yourself and following it to the letter is one of the simplest ways to make your presence felt in any office. If you then move up to a managerial position, everyone in your workplace will know they’re being looked after by a consummate professional.

  • Make your intentions known

Fading wallflowers never ascend to the heady height of managerial positions. Those outgoing go-getters who bristle with charisma enjoy promotions the most.

And part of being an extrovert means making your intentions clear when it comes to promotions. Arrange a meeting with your boss and discern how willing they are to give you a promotion or a raise.

If they’re not receptive, find out how you can improve and attack the problem head-on. Soon you’ll be rocketing up the ladder.

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