Top Mercedes cars for business lease

Mercedes is an ideal choice for a business car lease option, with the brand giving off the perfect look of class and professionalism for your company.

The German car manufacturer produces some of the most stylish, comfortable and luxurious cars on the market today, making Mercedes car leasing a very popular choice for businesses. Cutting-edge innovative technology and incredible craftsmanship is at the heart of everything Mercedes does. Mercedes is one of the top three luxury car brands and professionals certainly appreciate the superb diverse range of cars the company produces.

Let’s take a look at some of the best models available in the Mercedes range.

A-Class: hatchbacks

Mercedes A-ClassDiesel hatchbacks are some of the most efficient cars on the market, making cars such as the Mercedes A-Class an extremely popular option for professional car leasing. One of the star models in this class is the A-Class Hatchback A180 CDI SE auto 5dr, which can deliver a very impressive average 74.3 mpg, while it boasts CO2 output of just 98 g/km. With a quiet engine and a decent turn of speed, the Mercedes A-Class Hatchback has a top speed of 118 mph – more than enough to get the job done. It is a very solid choice and might well be most suitable for younger professionals.

A-Class Hatchback Mercedes car lease deals start from just £188.09 plus VAT per month.

C-Class: saloons

Mercedes C-class

Saloons are what Mercedes does best and its C-Class range of models are right at the top of their section of the market. The Diesel C200 BlueTEC SE 4dr is one of the most efficient saloons on the road today and cars such as the C250 BlueTEC AMG Line Premium 4dr Auto are even more special.

Among the best examples from the Mercedes C-Class range is the C200 BlueTEC SE Executive 4dr Auto, which is particularly spacious, with a large boot and excellent leg room in the back. Fantastically low emissions make this model a terrific choice for a business vehicle and it is a great option for executives.

C-Class Saloon Mercedes car lease deals begin from just £203.69 plus VAT per month.

E-Class: saloons


The E-Class is the quintessential Mercedes car available for lease, with these executive cars known around the world for their superb performance, stylish looks and unsurpassed reputation. From the basic Diesel E220 BlueTEC SE 4dr 7G-Tronic to more premium options such as the Diesel E350 BlueTEC AMG Night Ed Prem+ 4dr 9G-Tronic, you can’t go wrong with an E-Class saloon.

These cars are the perfect choice for directors, who will certainly appreciate the effort if they are handed the keys to one of these beauties.

One of the top Mercedes car lease deals is for the Diesel E220 BlueTEC SE 4dr 7G-Tronic, which is currently available at the knockout price of just £193.48 plus VAT per month, with an initial rental cost of £1,741.32 plus VAT.

SLK Cabriolet


Even though there is no doubt Mercedes is most famous for its executive saloons – the C-Class and the E-Class are world renowned brands – the manufacturer excels in other areas too. For sporty cars there are few manufacturers that can match the expertise of Mercedes and the SLK Cabriolet is arguably the jewel in its crown.

Running costs are low for a car of this standard and the model is packed with top level safety and technology equipment to make it a joy to drive. The sales guys in particular will love its jaunty look, rapid acceleration and fabulous handling.

The SLK 250 CDI CarbonLOOK Edition 2dr Tip Auto is perhaps the most impressive option in this section, but models such as the Diesel SLK 250d AMG Sport 2dr Tip Auto are exceptional too.

SLK Cabriolet Mercedes car lease deals start from only £199.99 plus VAT per month.

If you want to make a lasting impression on your business get in touch with a Mercedes leasing specialist and find out more about their business contract hire finance options.

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