Use a reliable storage service to protect your valuables

How can reliable self storage protect your valuables?

Self storage is a convenient way to store your excess belongings, and manage the clutter in our lives, as sometimes the extra space is required, or we just aren’t quite ready to part with our items. However, using storage facilities doesn’t come without any risks, and if you’re not careful about selecting a reputable storage service, you could be putting your prized possessions in jeopardy.

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In recent years, with the popularity of storage hunting, and all of the attention that big discoveries and large windfalls are getting as a result of delinquent containers being auctioned off to the highest bidder, it has been noticed that the occurrences of break-ins at storage facilities have increased greatly. This rise in storage crime should be carefully considered by customers using self storage facilities, as there can be some concern about the safety of their possessions.

Choosing a reliable storage facility

Before entrusting your valuables and other possessions to a storage facility, do your homework. Take a look at a few storage options and compare certain factors, including rental prices, location of the facility, security features provided and if possible even visit the facility in person to check it out, as well as be sure to read any reviews from prior clients.

Quality of service from one storage facility to another can vary greatly, as with any other business, so take the time to familiarise yourself with the facility, its policies and management so you can feel confident your possessions will be safe when left there, and you are doing business with a trustworthy and reputable company.


Security is without a doubt the most important aspect of any storage facility. When deciding where your goods are safest, take the time to thoroughly investigate the security features offered by the facility. Security features that should be in place include regular patrols of the area, adequate lighting both inside and outside of the units, CCTV and alarms. Some storage facilities use an access control system, which adds a fantastic element of security to the facility, as it requires tenants to use individual PIN codes, security cards or remotes to gain access to the storage area of the facility. This system offers both the business and the renter many benefits. An access control system allows management of the storage facility to have an accurate log of who is entering and leaving the facility, and when, making it a much more secure environment.

A major concern within storage facilities is theft by another rental client, as they already have access to the container area. Individual door alarms provide an added level of security for tenants by immediately alerting management when somebody is trying to gain unauthorised access to a particular unit. 

Personal responsibility

However important choosing a secure and reliable storage facility is, regardless of how great the facility is, tenants need to accept a certain amount of personal responsibility for the safekeeping of their belongings.

There are some precautions that storage unit users can and should take to keep their valuables as secure as possible while in storage. Start by making sure that all of the expensive and important items are placed at the back of the unit, and well concealed. This will protect these things from being lost as a result of a “smash and grab” theft, which does happen in storage facilities. Some companies also allow tenants to provide their own locks for container doors. When purchasing a lock for your unit, make sure to select one that will hold up well against bolt cutters, and choose one with a short shackle, which is the loop piece that secures what you are locking. Only purchase a lock of the disk or cylinder variety because those are the most difficult to cut, and will provide the most security for the unit.

Carefully choosing your storage provider and taking note of the tips above will allow you to safely store your prized possessions without risk of theft.

Article supplied by The Storage Service, “Serviced Storage” not “Self Storage”.

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