5 top tips for business security

The experts at Security Direct UK, give their top tips on how to keep your business safe from criminals.


It’s an expensive life running a business. You need to sell goods and services, pay your staff, insurance and taxes as well as other running costs. If your business is affected by crime, then your insurance will rise; and you will be devoting much of your time to safeguarding your existing business rather than increasing your profit margins. Business security is important.

Talk to your local police

It’s sometimes a good idea to try and think like a criminal in order to combat crime. Even if you find this exercise a little alien, your local police force will be able to help you by carrying out a thorough risk assessment of your business premises and practices. They may suggest that you invest in some roller shutters or grilles from SecurityDirect, especially if your property is based on an isolated industrial estate. Deterrence is important, and if a thief thinks that your building looks impenetrable, so much the better.

Nuts and bolts

Make sure that all doors and windows of your business can be securely locked. If you use a keypad entry system, then change the code regularly. Also always keep your alarm monitoring and CCTV services up to date. A dummy alarm will easily be detected by the criminal fraternity and is of no use at all. Efficient motion sensors connected to a reporting centre or the local police will always help protect your property against intruders. Thieves do talk to each other, and if it’s reported that the police or security officers respond when an alarm is triggered, then the word will soon get around.

Check your staff thoroughly

Most employees are honest. There are, however, those who see an opportunity for dishonestly obtaining funds or property from your business and won’t think twice about removing these goods or valuables. Always check out the references of any future employees. Obviously, there will be some employees who will slip through the net, but at least if you vet prospective job applicants you can rest assured that you are doing the best you can.

Keep your IT knowledge up to date

The National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre recently reported that one third of Britons are failing to take ‘basic steps like redirecting post or updating firewalls to protect their identities from crime.’ Even if you are not a tech geek, you should be aware of any vulnerability within your company’s IT system and employ someone with the right skill set to help defend all aspects of your computer systems from crime. The centre also discovered that 31% of the whole UK population don’t shred sensitive information. A paper shredder is an invaluable resource for protecting your business from potential theft or fraud.

Keep in touch

Many businesses across the UK have joined up to the National Business Crime Solution organisation. This organisation acts as a forum for companies to share intelligence and also offers positive advice and information for all UK businesses. Supported by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), this website offers an invaluable tool in the fight against crime.

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