Are you a perfect boss?

Giving employees their birthday off and stocking a vending machine with free treats are two of the things that make a boss a dream boss.

That’s according to the team at, who quizzed a focus group of office workers on what attributes would make the perfect company leader.

happy workers

In-office treats that made the list included a top-notch coffee maker, no ban on social media, and donuts for the whole team.

These simpler pleasures were accompanied by a few which would leave a business out of pocket, including company cars, gym memberships and free tickets to all of your employees’ favourite sports.

A spokesperson for said, “It was interesting to uncover the attributes that make up an ideal boss and we certainly wouldn’t mind a few of these. Particularly striking was the mix of in office and out of office activities. A lot of people assume that once the working day is done a boss’ role isn’t important.”

“It seems that those who are most liked are those who go the extra mile in paying attention to their workers’ interests and treating them accordingly.”

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Here’s the list of things a boss can do to keep their employees happy.

  1. Give employees their birthdays off
  2. Let staff leave early on a Friday
  3. Offer a free gym membership
  4. Provide a constant supply of office sweets
  5. Supply vending machines with free drinks and snacks
  6. Arrange a team spa day
  7. Offer extra training courses
  8. Give staff members a voucher on their birthday
  9. Allow extra time off around Christmas
  10. Treat the team to lunch
  11. Provide tickets to see sporting events
  12. Buy the team a round of drinks on a Friday
  13. Bring in donuts
  14. Get a fancy coffee maker for the break room
  15. Introduce a weekly fruit delivery
  16. Don’t ban social media websites
  17. Provide free magazines in the office
  18. Buy brand new company cars
  19. Provide a nap room
  20. Allow flexible working hours and letting people work from home


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