The rise of new flat fee recruiters

You no longer need to spend a fortune with recruitment agencies, newspapers or job boards since online recruitment service providers are a much better alternative. But avoid some costly mistakes with who you use.

Personnel Today revealed 86% of employers think online recruitment is more cost effective than other methods. Job seekers feel exactly the same as other sources show that 91% prefer online job boards. It is understandable that businesses would turn to a cheaper option like flat fee recruiters.

flat fee recruiters job vacanciesBut online advertising costs are prohibitively expensive and the choice bewildering.

That is why the low cost online recruitment service delivered by flat fee recruiters is a natural way for companies to reduce their cost per hire.

But before you dive straight be careful of flat-fee providers who could be flat-out frauds:

1. Beware fixed fee providers who don’t charge a fixed fee!

Seemingly lower prices can quickly add up with hidden costs. Even worse are suppliers who suggest you don’t pay anything until the job is filled but have is a sting in the tail (read the small print). Finally be careful of ‘guarantees’, which are often about a minimum number of CVs and have nothing to do with quality.

2. Avoid expensive employer branding

Some companies will recommend (sell) employer branding on your adverts to earn themselves extra commission. Ask for the evidence proving it generates a better response (we’ve never found any!) If you are willing to pay a premium for employer branding, then expect frustrating calls from applicants and salespeople throughout your day – it’s like having a ‘target painted on your back’. 

3. Ensure your adverts have the best coverage and duration

Some providers say they have a “relationship” with a job site, but this does not necessarily mean your job will be shown on that site. Therefore check they are bona-fide. Also, don’t be duped by a “28 day campaign” which could mean 7 days advertising on 4 different sites (totalling 28 days). Instead, choose a company that gives 28 days on EVERY site if you want to get the best response. 

4. Be certain you receive every job application

Some suppliers only show you the applicants they want you to see, possibly so they can promote some of your applicants to other clients! Equally you could be wasting your time with another company’s applications. 

5. Let technology take the strain

Choose suppliers that can intelligently filter applications and use automated telephone and video screening tools to keep your shortlists short. This will avoid your inbox being inundated and reduce the burden of recruitment.

Overall be sure to ask lots of questions and take the time to seek out a reputable online recruitment company to advertise your vacancy.

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