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TMC is designed to take away the stress and hassle of booking travel

A good TMC can help save a company thousands of pounds in wasted time and bad booking behaviour.

Business Travel Experts is a boutique TMC – we become part of your team, and we work with each client as if we were part of your organisation. We work with clients to streamline the booking process and help you to challenge your travel policy. Allow us to police your polices, as it is only through compliance that real savings can be seen.

TMC travel management companyWith access to over £3billion worth of buying power, we can negotiate deals that individual companies would not be able to access.

  • Discounted airfares on most major carriers to numerous destinations.
  • Preferred rates at over 30,000 hotels across the world, including complementary upgrades, late check out and free WiFi.
  • Corporate rates on all major car hire companies across the world.
  • A network of suppliers, and destination management companies all across the world.

Q: How do you secure better airfare than booking online?

A: Business Travel Experts has a strategic partnership that allows us to use not only the buying power of our clients, but the buying of the UK’s 3rd largest TMC. This means that we can offer discounts on airfares even if it’s not a top route flown by your company.

Q: Why should we use an outsourced company like yours instead of just booking online?

A: Why shouldn’t you? As we only charge a booking fee for the flight portions, we normally generate more savings to offset any costs at booking. However just booking a flight is not where it ends – what about changes, cancellations and delays? We are here for you 24hours a day.

Q: How long does a booking take for me as a traveller to make?

A: Normally, all you need to do is shoot us a quick email with the details, or give us a call and let us know what you need. Once we have this, we then get working while you can go back to doing. We will get all the options put on hold and send them back to you. You can then choose the option you want, seek approval if needed and let us know so we can issue. Simple.

Booking business travel should be simple – leave it to the experts!

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