12 of the most useful mobile apps of 2015

In 2012, mobiForge reported that there were 1.2 billion mobile app users worldwide. They also reported that this figure is likely to rise by around 30% year on year, reaching a staggering 4.4 billion app users by 2017.

If you’re one of the billion or so mobile users in 2015 who regularly download apps onto their smartphone or tablet you are in the right place. Here are 12 of the most useful mobile apps released on IOS and Android in the first half of 2015.

useful mobile apps for 20151. CM Security AppLock Antivirus

Voted the world’s #1 smartphone antivirus software by AV-Test, CM Security AppLock will keep your Android device free from viruses and associated malware nasties thanks to its multi-layered protection and in-app scan functionality.

2. The Dry Cleaner App

Tired of trawling Google for a decent laundrette? Download The Dry Cleaner App, and you can find dry cleaners and garment care specialists in your local area at the touch of a button. This nifty app is a prime example of a company that has found a niche and exploited it expertly.

3. Snowball

In an age governed by social media, your smartphone will doubtless ping off every other minute with an alert or notification. Download Snowball however, and you can micro-manage notifications from all of your social apps; allowing you to prioritise the alerts you want, and bin the rest.

4. Scanner Pro

The next time you need to scan a document, forget the dusty old scanner and download Scanner Pro instead. By utilising your device’s in-built camera, Scanner Pro lets you create a digital PDF copy of any paper document in just a few simple taps – making it perfect for those on the move.

5. Invoice2go

Producing and sending invoices is a monotonous task many must face, but the way in which we send invoices could get much easier thanks to Invoice2go. Eliminating the need for a hard copy, Invoice2go stores all of your financial information in the cloud, thus streamlining the invoicing process.

6. Evernote

Dubbed a “digital workspace for your life’s work”, Evernote is effectively a platform in which to store everything you need to keep your life ticking over – from business research to travel documents. The intuitive app lets you effectively manage every aspect of your life for a nominal annual fee.

7. Printer Pro

Print anywhere, anytime from any device with Printer Pro. This dedicated printing app utilises the power of wireless printing tech to enable users to print anything from their iOS device – including web pages, documents, tickets and e-mails – quickly and easily from a nearby wireless printer.

8. iPlanner UK

If your schedule is bursting at the seams with appointments, meetings and special events, iPlanner can help you streamline your daily, weekly and monthly diary so you know exactly where to be and when. The app features a simple, robust interface that’s straightforward to navigate, making it a breeze to edit.

9. CamCard

If you spend a large part of your working week networking with prospective clients and business partners, CamCard could prove useful for you. The app lets you capture and store business cards digitally, as well as exchange special e-cards wirelessly with others at conferences, meetings and events.

10. Greenify

Run a handful of mobile apps at once, and you risk draining your device’s battery and slowing its functionality to a crawl. Download Greenify however, and you can manage and identify any problem apps, before taking action to prevent them leeching your smartphone’s power.

11. Opera Max

For most smartphone users, a pay monthly data plan helps you stay connected no matter where you are. Sadly, some apps – such as Spotify, YouTube and Netflix – can quickly do away with your data, leaving you with a hefty bill for overuse. By compressing photos, videos and webpages, Opera Max can help you save mobile data by as much as 50% – meaning no more unexpected data bills.

12. Foursquare + Uber

Foursquare + Uber = One seriously brilliant app integration platform. The premise of the partnership is simple; Foursquare lets you find restaurants, bars and visitor attractions in your area, and Uber helps you get there easily via your very own private taxi.

There you have it 12 useful mobile apps for 2015. How many do you use?

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