Post-Summer blues push UK workers to change jobs

British businesses warned that they need to do more to retain talent as employees fall into post-summer holiday slump.

A survey reveals that UK workers are more likely to look for a new job after returning from a summer holiday, and believe it’s the employer’s responsibility to keep them motivated through the post-summer blues.

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CV-Library, the UK’s largest independent job board, conducted the survey to determine how workers feel about returning to work after a summer holiday. Over 1,500 professionals responded, revealing that workers tend to seriously rethink their careers after a holiday and want employers to do more to help them through the post-summer blues. Key findings revealed:

  • After returning from a summer holiday, 52.7% of workers are more likely to look for a new job;
  • 34.1% of workers feel their employer puts too much pressure on them immediately after returning to work;
  • 55.1% of those surveyed feel it’s the employer’s responsibility to keep morale up as the summer months wind down;
  • Furthermore, 76.5% of UK professionals think about work while they are on holiday and 57.8% actually then check in with work whilst away from the office.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, explains, “The data suggests that UK professionals aren’t able to fully disconnect from work during their holidays, leading to feelings of resentment upon their return. Ultimately this is bad news for employers as workers increasingly feel it’s their responsibility to keep morale high. If employees don’t feel appreciated in the coming autumn months, more and more workers will look for a new job.”

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To combat the post-summer blues, professionals look to their employers for more support during the transition back to work and into the colder months. The survey revealed that:

  • 38% of UK workers struggle with getting back into a routine, citing this as the most challenging part of returning to work after a holiday;
  • Workers wish employers were more understanding upon their return to work as 29% feel catching up on their work is the hardest part of going back into the office;
  • 31.2% of those surveyed believe having a more relaxed workplace with music playingcould help them adjust much faster;
  • Businesses can also help combat the post-summer blues with regular social events – 29.8% of workers feel this would make them happier following a holiday;

“Many businesses see a slump in productivity as summer comes to a close, but it’s a critical time for many companies to reach targets before Q4 rolls around,” adds Biggins. “Our survey shows that by simply offering a few additional perks and providing adequate support, UK businesses will better motivate employees and could ultimately improve employee retention during a time when many workers look at making a career change.”

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