10 simple but effective marketing ploys to gain more customers

Great marketing tips can be hard to come by, especially as everyone believes that they are a marketing expert! So, MyVoucherCodes explore 10 of the most effective, yet simple ways to bring more people to your business.

shutterstock_104527259Know your audience

If you do not know who your customers actually are, chances are that your marketing strategies have already failed. It is important to take stock of the data available to you, whether this is by checking your online data in Google Analytics to find out who is buying from you and where they are coming from, or simply chatting to your customers in store and noting which products are popular with what demographic, the info you need is at your disposal.

Focus your marketing campaigns

Once you know who your customers are, the next step is to create marketing campaigns that are focused on them. If your demographic is younger customers, platforms such as social media or online applications is a great way to target them. If you have a more traditional target audience, consider sticking to avenues such as newsletters and in store promotions.

Attend industry events

Find local or even national events that you can attend and learn more about your industry. 

Embrace social media

As mentioned, social media is a great way to interact with your customers and will offer you a valuable insight into the mindset of your customers. Ensure you have profiles for your business on the main social media sites and take the time each week to populate these profiles with updates. 

Offer incentives to buy

Everyone loves a freebie, why not offer free delivery with your online orders or run a competition on social media to increase awareness of your brand?

shutterstock_243528934Create great content

When it comes to online marketing, it is vital that your website offers relevant, exciting content for your users. Starting a blog is a great way to do this! 

Offer your help in the community

A great way to get additional news coverage is by helping out in the community, can your business help out with a local charity event or sponsor a sports team? 

Share your reviews and testimonials

Everyone knows that word of mouth is still the best form of marketing, if you have great feedback from your customers, share it on social media or create a testimonials page on your website. 

Try cross promotion

Team up with other local businesses to offer cross promotion marketing, this is a mutually beneficial step for both parties and should help increase your brand identity with a new audience. 

Showcase your work

Pictures say a thousand words, if you’re a business that regularly completes projects, or you have just opened a new office, make sure you share images on social sites to spread the word.