Winners of best and worst office view announced

Having been inundated with entries, the winners of the best and worst office view competition have finally been released.

Best view
This beautiful sunset took top spot as the best ‘office’ view.

The entries received were hugely varied with some of the best including snapshots of dramatic London skylines to relaxing on a yacht and some of the worst looking out onto a brick wall or onto a sodden oilrig.

The contest, run by, deemed the best office view to be this stunning sunset shot taken in Bungay, Suffolk.

The most horrendous view was awarded to this depressing view of an office window in Aldershot, which looks out onto an air conditioning unit and an uninspiring brick wall.

The winner of the best office view was Andrew Atterwill, a groundsperson from Bungay.

The 49-year-old spends his entire working day outdoors, cutting grass and tending to the marshes. He said, “I took the photo along the banks of the River Waveney that divides Norfolk where I work in Earsham and Suffolk on the other side of the river. The view inspires me every day; I love photography and nature – you never know what you will see.”

“I get into work early to sit on the bench to watch the sunrise so there is always an opportunity to take photos as no two days are the same.”

Andrew has even made a hobby out of his work view photography, sharing albums on social media, which are open to the public.

On the flip side, the ‘winner’ of the worst office view was Melanie Jones, an operations manager from Farnborough.

Worst view
This sorry sight greets Melanie Jones every weekday morning.

The 40-year-old saw the competition on Twitter and felt compelled to enter her dismal sight out of her office window in Aldershot.

She said, “When I first saw the competition on Twitter, I had to laugh at the other worst office entries – compared to mine they seemed heavenly!”

“My office looks out onto a tiny flat roof area with an air conditioning unit which makes so much noise that I can barely hear people talk. Rather ironically, it forces hot air into my office too, so not so good when the weather is warm.”

The competition received hundreds of entries from all over the world, with views ranging from the truly beautiful to the utterly despairing.

A spokesperson from said: “We’ve been taken aback by how involved the general public have got in this competition. Everybody has to go to work everyday, but some of us are lucky enough to be in some extraordinary locations.

“And on the other hand, some us aren’t so fortunate, with views looking straight out onto air conditioning units, brick walls or bird poop stained windows. With some of the best office view entries we received, we don’t think we’d ever get any work done as we’d be too busy gazing out of the window.”

“The worst office views might be uninspiring but at least there won’t be any distraction in the workplace. If your view is atrocious, this competition has proved you can still have a laugh about in the office.”