Simple steps you can take to increase productivity at the office

Anyone who has ever had the oftentimes dubious honor of leading a team knows full-well that it takes real effort to boost productivity.



Whether you are in HR, a team leader or a company director, productivity is the name of the game and if you fall short, the company loses money. Actually, there are a few simple steps you can take to increase productivity at the office and once you see just how easy they really are, you will be a believer!

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Okay, so it’s cliché but it gets the point across. If you have any hope of leading your people to higher levels of productivity, it is in your best interest to be the first one at the office. This gives you time to go over scheduling, production progress and any other items on the day’s agenda that will need to be dealt with. Unless you are clear on what you are asking from your team, how can you expect them to produce?

Speaking of Scheduling…

When it comes to scheduling jobs that need to be done and team members responsible, there is a really easy solution for both the front and back end of your business. Have you considered HR Cloud solutions that can be readily accessed by anyone from the CEO down to the newest team members at any time of the day or night from virtually any location, including mobile devices? Scheduling jobs and hours can be a huge fiasco but with a platform that is designed for your particular scheduling needs, it is almost effortless! To get an example of one of the leading global Cloud HR solutions, click here.

Time Blocking and Mini Breaks

Can you remember being in your early primary grades in school? You were often given short little breaks for snacks and naps throughout the day. In fact, many of today’s leading medical researchers indicate that a periodic break to clear the mind and a bit of healthy nourishment can clear the fog much easier than you can imagine. If you are a team leader, don’t let your team keep pushing ahead without a few mini breaks to catch their breath. You will be amazed at how productivity improves with just a short breather!

Stay Connected

And, above all else – stay connected! Nothing is worse than having a director or team leader inaccessible to the team. Whether it is through daily meetings, email or just an open door policy, your team needs to know their fearless leader is there for them. Here, it is really important to understand the power of knowing each and every member by name and something about each one. That Cloud HR platform mentioned above is where you can find all the titbits of info you’ll need so please, stay connected!

When working towards increasing productivity, it is vital that you stay one step ahead of your team. Get there early, know each member by name and be there for them if the need should arise. Nothing increases productivity like a cohesive team and by following these few simple tips, that’s just what you’ll have.