Branding and your exhibition stand: How to get it right

When it comes to branding and your exhibition stand, you only really get one chance to impress. This is not only because once the exhibition stand is on the trade show floor it cannot be modified, but also because often exhibition visitors will pass by the exhibition stand once only.


Brand and Consistency

A well-presented exhibition stand needs to present the brand in a consistent manner. This includes the posters, the artwork, the product labelling and the display racks. Across the board, what potential and existing customers need to see visually is an appropriate level of professionalism, organisation and consistency in the branding message.

Choose an Effective Exhibition Stand Designer

An exhibition stand designer is an important component to a successful exhibition. The Finesse Group have been designing eye-catching exhibition stands for decades that impress visitors whilst staying in keeping with the brand image of the company that the exhibition stand represents. This is the kind of company that you want to work with.

Branding and the Business

Branding isn’t only about the business. Often customers see the business in a completely different light than how the employees see it looking out from the inside of the company.

To present the brand well at an exhibition show it is important to be conscious of how the customers see the brand. What is attractive about the company and what does the brand represent to them? How is the company better than its competitors? Why do they buy from the business and not from one of the other companies in the market space? How can their positive view of the company and its brand be given a greater emphasis in the exhibition stand design?

Survey Customers Ahead of the Exhibition

Consider performing some surveys before
going to the exhibition. Ask open-ended
questions to illicit shutterstock_107232023answers that open the eyes of employees and let them see the company through the customers’ eyes perhaps for the first time.

Incorporate the survey results in the exhibition stand guidance to help the design firm come up with something that will not only be brand consistent, but will appeal more to the target customer as well.

Don’t Forget the Staff

As great as any exhibition stand can be, it will fall flat if the staff aren’t up to par as well. Have they all been given confidence, presentational and role-playing training in advance of the exhibition to prepare them? Do they know the products or services inside out and back to front or will they be flummoxed with the questions that will inevitably come up? Do they understand the hardware and software that the company uses so they can quickly look-up details that show visitors request? Or do they need training there?

Consistent Staff Appearance

The final link in the chain to a successful exhibition stand is appearance. Is there a uniform that can be worn to easily distinguish staff from other similarly-attired personnel from other companies? Make sure that staff stand out from the exhibition stand background rather than merge into it. You’ll want company staff mixing easily with stand visitors, greeting them in a friendly manner, and offering help and advice where needed.

Getting the branding right with an exhibition stand isn’t all that difficult. It is more about getting just a few things right rather than everything. Focus on the basics and master those first. Other details will then fall into place.