Print and digital marketing: Getting the best of both worlds

Whilst many businesses have completely altered their marketing plans in favour of wholly digital platforms, advertisers can’t afford to neglect the power of print. To achieve a successful advertising campaign, businesses should aim for a balance between both.

The key to combining the two platforms is finding a harmony where the two different forms of advertising complement each other. And while that may signify extra effort and dedication, the results are certainly worth it.

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Be consistent in your cross-platform campaign

Primarily, to achieve a successful print and digital marketing campaign you have to be consistent. All elements of the design, including logo, typography and message, need to reflect your brand and message in the same way across both mediums. Otherwise, you could run the risk of losing credibility.

Furthermore, consistency will help familiarise people with your brand which is the ultimate goal of an advertising campaign.

With custom bespoke designs that capture your brand, you can achieve just that and across both mediums too. If you are creating specialised designs for digital ad campaigns, expert printers like Ro-Am Posters and VistaPrint can ensure your poster prints are as vibrant on the street as they are online.

Incorporate social media references in your posters

One of the first steps to combining digital and print media is making sure they reference each other. It can be as simple as including social media profiles in printed posters, flyers and business cards.

The most recent online trend, the #hashtag, may seem a pointless feature for print campaigns, but it actually has a very powerful influence. The metadata tag allows for a sense of community, where customers are granted immediate access to the impact of a campaign or brand’s online presence, along with other people’s experiences and reviews on the subject.

Incorporating the hashtag beyond the digital realm can help you expand your target audience and boost your unique hashtag’s popularity. The level of competition online makes it difficult to reach a certain level of recognition; and if you do, it can still be extremely short lived. A print campaign can prolong your “stay” and increase the level of interest surrounding your marketing crusade.

On the other side of the spectrum, photographing your posters, billboards or ads and “instagramming” or sharing them on facebook and twitter, along with your hashtag, will also help generate buzz.

Make QR codes part of your poster design

The discussion of whether QR codes are fruitful in advertising hasn’t yet reached a consensus. Some advocate for their creative usage while others reject their value and impact.

Including a QR code on your poster design can be a method of combining digital and print, allowing you to simplify the layout of the poster and reduce the amount of content displayed. But unlike the “hashtag”, its purpose is mainly to lead viewers to sources of information or contact with the brand, and not promote interaction between users.

Ultimately, QR codes must only be applied in marketing campaigns when they make sense and are indeed useful. So make sure your audience will benefit from accessing the QR code, being directed to your social media accounts or website doesn’t count.

Display online testimonials in your printed ads

The online presence of brands and companies has lead to the development of a very powerful marketing tool – customer feedback. Whether it’s through facebook comments, 140 characters on twitter or community forums, businesses have numerous tools to access their consumer’s reviews and thoughts. So why not take advantage of it?

Testimonials are extremely important for a brand’s image and advertisement, showcasing its strong points and positive customer experience. Displaying genuine reactions to your product in your printed campaign you will make you come across as a more reliable and consumer-focused business.

Even though a perfect and universal marketing method is yet to be discovered, combining your efforts into print and digital advertising will definitely be a winning situation. You will only benefit from both mediums working in tandem, increasing their marketing potential and influence.

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