Organising social interactive events

The improvements in communication methods over the past few years have changed the way we do business in every industry.

Technology advancements allow for richer experiences in meetings, especially when it comes to planning large-scale meetings and interactive events. But how do you put that technology to use?

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  • Use social. Announce those live chats or Q&A sessions you’ll be doing for your customers at your social media channels. Use every available resource to spread the hype.
  • Unique campaigns. One way to capture the attention of your target market, one way to drive consumer interest to your events, is to be unique. But make sure the uniqueness is built into your brand, product or service. That’s one way to ensure that yours will turn out to be a successful interactive campaign. Selling beauty products? Try holding Q&A sessions that discuss, improve and connect to the issues, desires and current needs of your consumers.
  • Spot-on contest prizes. Holding a contest? Pick the prizes with care. If you don’t have that much cash to spare, go for what your target market needs and wants. Do they love pets? Hold a photo contest of their favorite pets then designate pet food or pet dishes as prizes. These won’t cost much but they’re perfect because these are ideal for your target market.
  • Go live with video. There’s a difference between email or live chat and live video chats. You’ve got more of your customer’s attention in video. Also, people pay attention more if they know they can be seen. Whether you want to announce a change in leadership or management or simply a new line of products or upgrades, you can do that with video conferences.

The point of all these is to create meaningful, real time connections with your customers, one that adds value to your business. So long as you have that, your interactive events will be a success.

 Video conferencing systems

 Looking for a system to help you get started? Here’s a list put together from Lifehacker, Freelancers Union and Fox Business you’ll find handy:

  • Skype. 300 million users and still growing—that’s Skype. It’s one of the most popular names in internet calling services. It’s not web based, though, so you know you’ll need to download the app before you start those live chats and one on one/group video calls. They’re only freebies if all participating parties are Skypers. But with such a large customer base, you might find a way to add those customers to your contact list much sooner and easier than you think.
  • Blue Jeans. In terms of flexibility and performance, one of the companies that continue to raise the bar high is Bluejeans. Designed with collaboration-ready features, you can organize events with Blue Jeans Network’s suite of applications for the best virtual meeting, lecture or meet and greet session. Audio quality is great and makes for the ideal setting for professional client meetings and team huddles.
  • Google Hangouts. Supports video chats for group and is automatic when you have your own Google account. However, if you want a more dedicated platform for video conferencing, you might want to check out other options. That, plus the constant stream of updates can drive you a little buggy. Since it’s a relatively new networking site, you could expect a ton of updates for this one before folks over at Google are satisfied.
  • GoToMeeting. Want video conferences for 3 people? This one’s a good choice. It doesn’t have HD quality video but if you don’t mind that, you can enjoy the rest of its features. It’s simple, with a professional look and interface that makes it a good fit for the business crowd. If you want to go for the upgrade version, be ready to shell out $99 every month for GoToWebinar. The advantage to that, though, is you get conferencing capability that allows you to launch video conferences that allow up to 1,000 people. If you’re thinking about launching a series of lectures or short talks, this video conferencing tool is a good investment.
  • MeetingBurner. This service offers you the basic package: video conference that can support up to 10 people along with call recording and chats. Screen sharing is also included, automated email reminders to keep you in the loop. Just install the application and you’ll be able to take full advantage of the service in just under a few minutes. If you’re not ready to go for the paid version, take a shot at the free plan—it’s got a lot of awesome functionality that you don’t often see in many free accounts.
  • UberConference. Want something modern and professional? This is right on the mark for you. UberConference packs along plenty of great features. There’s the free video call function for ten callers and call recording, among others. With built-in tools, controlling the virtual meetings, events and conferences will be easy.
  • Looking for a great screen sharing service? This one is ideal for those screen sharing sessions you do on the fly. Want to give over screen control to someone else in the conference? You can. It’s flexible, simple to use and the other party doesn’t need to download the software at all. The free version is also excellent so don’t miss this one.


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