UK’s leading car leasing brokers reviewed

When I go online and search for personal car leasing, I get a huge list of brokers that all seem to offer the same thing but which one do you choose? Who offers the best deals? Where do you get the best service?

I have managed to categorise 3 different types of car leasing brokers so you can get an idea of what sort of broker will be best suited to your requirements.

Personalised service

If you need honest and impartial guidance and require someone to spend some time with you talking through the leasing process, helping you decide which cars are best going out their way to  offer you the best deals then brokers such as TFS Vehicle Leasing provide that personalised service.

SME’s like TFS are professional, dedicated and have the time and expertise to deal with all types of clients whether you are an individual looking for personal lease car deals or a large business organisation needing a fleet of company cars.

You will be handled by the same dedicated account manager, building a rapport and personally looked after and certainly not forgotten. You may even receive a Christmas hamper!

Big groups

If you want to walk in to a nice bright showroom, get pampered by the sleek salesmen or women and end up driving out in a car at twice your initial budget then take your Saturday off and go see the big boys where you’ll definitely feel special.

When size matters than try a big group such as Hippo Motor Group or Parkers that may deal with everything from purchasing outright, leasing, servicing and maintenance, insurance and may even have their own internal finance arrangements.

With some larger groups you can be seen as a small statistic with the aim of offering you add-ons and related services, later finding your inbox full of emails containing services and products you may not pay any interest.

Comparison sites

If you are prepared to spend weeks and risk becoming indecisive with an overwhelming amount of choice then hold your breath and dive straight in.

Good for shopping around and comparing prices and doing your research.  Most good brokers are affiliated with price comparison websites such as Contract Hire and Leasing claiming to be “The UK’s No.1 Leasing website” – but all the deals are of course forward to companies like TFS.

If you don’t mind flooding your inbox you can always sign up to such websites to be alerted with the best offers which sometimes only be available for a few days while stocks last but you may find that the car you are often looking at is not actually available by the time you act on it because the entire country is getting offered the same deals.

In my honest opinion I would do some research and find a small medium sized but reliable and established broker that has access to a large network of cars and get a personalised service that can satisfy from the start.

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