5 ways live chat can improve customer engagement

Dealing with customers is no longer just about manning a helpdesk and answering emails. Today’s tech-savvy generation demands a more in-depth form of communication, one driven by the rise of social media and the desire for instant response.

Live chat_251470501Simply serving customers is no longer enough – modern companies must learn how to engage.

Howard Williams, marketing director at Parker Software, offers five powerful ways live chat for website software can give companies an edge and create better engagement:

Build rapport

With telephone support it is often unrealistic to ‘assign’ an operator to a customer who has a recurring problem. Live chat makes this effortless. An agent can be notified automatically when a customer that has been dealt with before is once again contacting the company. Agents can then view all details of a previous chat, greet the customer with a personalised response and immediately engage — ready to continue the line of support without delay. This is a fantastic way to build rapport with customers and ensure they leave feeling valued.

Build a profile of customer behaviour

Visitor analytics is a valuable tool, and one that offers powerful insight into customer behaviour. Using real-time data on a website visitor, businesses can build a profile of actionable customer information that helps determine interests and generate leads. This can be used to proactively engage with visitors via live chat or give a reason for contact when offering support. Even better, it can highlight issues with a website, product or service that can then be resolved to improve customer experience.

Help customers more effectively

When it comes to solving a problem, it’s essential that a customer is given accurate information. This can be difficult without the correct response to hand, potentially leading to a poor customer support experience. Tools like intelligent response can automatically analyse a customer request and instantly present an agent with a range of possible replies – all of which are pre-written and checked for accuracy. For more complex enquiries, the relevant department can be notified so that an expert can join a live chat, or the customer can be transferred with all relevant information presented.

Help customers more quickly

Speed is of the essence when it comes to achieving maximum customer satisfaction. A well-manned live chat service can eliminate frustrating automated phone systems and long queues, or the inevitable wait for an email response. Being able to engage with customers immediately helps win new business and ensure existing customers remain with a company. In an age where people expect a response or solution immediately, or where an initial engagement can help capture a fleeting interest, live chat is a vital tool to stay ahead of the competition.

Communicate more clearly

Big points can be scored with customers for maintaining UK-based call centres. Discussing a complex or technical issue through a language barrier can be time consuming and frustrating. Live chat software eliminates this issue entirely through the use of written text. In addition, automatic language translation can accurately translate messages in real-time. This helps to ensure that no details are missed and that clear instructions can be given in a way that can be used for reference at a later time.

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