Advice on starting a restoration business

Restoring old products to their former glory is a business idea that holds a lot of potential for maximum profit making. Every day people find products that have seen a lot of wear and tear and if it’s cheaper to have the product restored than to buy a new one or if the product holds a lot of sentimental value, a restoration company is who they will turn to.

Whether you enjoy restoring old products to their former glory as a hobby or if you simply think it’s a good business idea that you can see a future with, we’ve put together some tips for starting your own restoration business.

restoration business

What are you restoring?

When starting a restoration business, it’s important to be clear on which products your business will be restoring. There are many products that consumers may own which need some new life breathing into them, from old photographs to cars to oast cowls. When deciding which products your business will be restoring it’s a good idea to take into consideration the surrounding area where your business will be based and your target market. For example if you live in an area where a lot of people own old cars or oast cowl homes, you’ll get better business if you restore these products.

Business plan

Even if you’re only considering starting a very small business, it’s still important that you have a business plan. Having a business plan in place is highly recommended by business experts, and you will need one for not only insurance purposes but for if you plan for your business to grow and develop. You don’t need to spend loads of time or money writing your business plan, but having one can help you to achieve both your company’s long term and short term goals.

Marketing and advertising

Once you’ve written your business plan you should also have a good idea of the kind of advertising that you are going to do. If you’re not sure, conducting market research within your target market is a great way to find out which kind of advertising that they respond best to. When it comes to advertising you have a great range of different methods to choose from and you should look to incorporate a few of them. There are offline marketing methods such as business cards and flyers, and online marketing methods such as online banner advertisements and social media advertising. If you advertise your business online you will also most likely need a company website or at the most a social media page, and you could even begin a blog which contains content related to restoring old items which your customers might like to read.

Do you own a restoration business? What kinds of products does your business restore, and why? If you have any great advice that you’d like to pass on to other budding entrepreneurs starting a restoration business then we’d love to hear from you, leave your response in the comments below.

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