Leasing a British car: The best 8 British car brands to lease

When you think of the best British cars, what’s the first one that comes to mind? The MINI Cooper? Aston Martin DB5?

We’ve had a look at the best of the best when it comes to British Motors that have reached celebrity status in the motor world. It is sometimes tough to find the British car you want, sometimes leasing is the only option. If you want to lease prestige cars there is no need to shop around, just read this article!

leasing British car Lotus

Buying yourself a British car can be expensive, leasing might be worth considering. Getting a cheap lease car is the best option if you’re looking for simple and manageable payments.

Lotus Elise

The Lotus is one of the all-time greats when it comes to British cars. Lotus founder Colin Chapman first produced the Lotus in Europe in 1996, where it gained much popularity. Its gorgeous fibreglass body and aluminium chassis, kept the weight minimal, making it a simple yet fantastic sports car. Don’t let the price tag put you off, as you can still lease prestige cars.

Land Rover

Land Rover is an incredibly popular range that specialises in 4-wheel drives with incredible off-road capabilities. Some may compare the British Land Rover to America’s Jeep, but many would agree that Land Rover is miles better. The Range Rover is our favourite model, which has picked up multiple awards, and is a popular choice when it comes to car leasing.

Austin MINI

MINI cars are still in high demand even today, and it all started when MINI introduced the Austin and Morris MINIs in 1959. The Austin MINI is a highly coveted model, and has a built up a cult following, with many people admiring the classic and retro design. Although not as expensive and luxurious as a British sports car, the MINI has still made a name for itself, and is a popular lease choice.

Aston Martin DB5

Made famous through its appearance as James Bond’s personal car, the DB5 is a highly desirable and sought after car. Even without celebrity status, the DB5 knows how to perform. This motor can reach 0-60mph in 8.1 seconds, with a top speed of 143mph. Which considering its release in 1963, was pretty very impressive indeed.

Bentley Continental GT

When you think of luxury motors, this should definitely be the first British car to mind. There aren’t many cars that can offer you a luxury experience and incredible performance quite like the Continental GT. If you have the money for it, and want to lease a luxurious and expensive motor, then the Continental GT is the one for you.

Volkswagen Beetle

Possibly one of the most iconic cars on our list, the Volkswagen Beetle has really stood the test of time as a great British car, after it was first released over 70 years ago. Many people are huge fans of its classic retro style, and adore the fine engines, stylish cabin and fun drive. One of the best car lease deals if you’re looking for something easy to afford and full of retro style.

Jaguar E-Type

Many people regard the E-Type as one of the best British cars. Also dubbed as one of the most beautiful cars ever made, the E-type made waves in the motor world when it was released in 1961, and it became an instant hit with the public. The E-type was incredibly stylish, had excellent road performance, and achieved pretty iconic status. Although as it is not in production anymore, it would be difficult to lease.

Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls Royce Phantom really sets the bar for luxury and quality performance, which is probably why it comes with such a hefty price tag attached! The Phantom is an exemplary British car and has reached legendary status. Powered by a V-12, and reaching 60 seconds in under 6 seconds, it’s a luxury hand-built car to be reckoned with.

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