Technology to help your business become more efficient

When you’re in the process of trying to help your business grow, or you’re running your very own startup for the first time, the chances are you’ll quickly discover that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done on time.

Between the numerous networking events, meetings with staff members, executive decisions, and balancing a budget, you’ll quickly feel as though you’ll never hit your maximum level of efficiency. Fortunately, however, the introduction of ever-new and evolving technology means that new methods of efficiency-boosting tools are being produced every day to help your business.

help your business

Thankfully, there are numerous low-cost ways to get your team on track and your business operations in gear, thanks to the Internet and a bunch of innovative designers. Following are just some of the latest programs, tools, and technology that could help to over-power your output and kick your business into high gear.

Collaboration tools (Trello)

When you need to share a wide range of products and documents across various departments, freelancers, or clients, it’s easy for things to quickly become jumbled. Notes from the previous brainstorm for the week can quickly get mashed up with assessments and to-do lists. Fortunately, it’s possible to battle the chaos using a flexible, smart platform that’s just as useful for developers as it is for people without a technological mind-set.

All you do is add a card to the colour-coded and customisable front end, and post it for the people in your team to view. The whole platform works on a system of clicking and dragging cards, so that you can easily stack, move, and manage objectives to clarify what needs to be done, and by when. If you’re looking for a simple way of keeping your group informed and on track, then collaboration tools like Trello and even Google docs may be the ideal option for you.

Google analytics

Need to find out quickly which strategies are working for your business, and which are potentially holding you back? Google analytics is a free tool that can provide you with the crucial data you need to transform your company and take that next step into the big leagues. No matter what your current aspirations or future goals might be, with Google analytics, you’ll be able to plan your path to success using the right collection of information and intel.

Whether you’re looking for a way to gauge your mobile traffic, monitor activity on your website, or even just expand your customer base, an analytics tool could be perfect for your needs.

Mobile workforce apps to help your business

Is your business built on a team that needs to be active and mobile on a regular basis? Then tools for mobile workforce management may be essential for you. By installing workforce applications onto smartphones and tablets, it’s possible to ensure that your workers remain productive and informed wherever they are – whatever they’re doing.

Utilising applications such as these are ideal for delivering extra power to road warriors, when they need a little more support outside of the traditional office setting. With mobile workforce solutions, you can direct your team members towards new job, allow them to access important information on the go, and even give them the opportunity to accept new tasks without returning to the office first.

When it comes to great productivity gains, workforce management allows employees to turn potential downtime into uptime, and accomplish important tasks during times that would otherwise represent lost productivity.

Digital signing solutions

Another important consideration when managing productivity in mobile workers is how they’re going to get the signatures they need to confirm a completed job or task. Some workforce management solutions come with their own document signing solution, whereas in other cases you may need to download and install your own.

Basically, these tools are crucial for allowing you to upload documents that need to be signed, indicate where the client needs to sign, and the date of the completed job before it’s sent off to accounting with a customised note. You can upload various contracts and pieces of information into these signing solutions, improving turnaround time, and saving money on unnecessary printing. Any time you can save money during a recession is something to give yourself a high five for.

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