How is technology vital to your business in 2015?

Technology is incredibly vital to your business in 2015. Some would argue that technology is the nucleus of a company or business. The employees are just the electrons zipping by the actual core. They are what you can see working, but tech is what makes a company effective.

We can expand on this idea because it is easy to show how vital to your business technology is when you look at all the different parts of your business. Parts like customer interaction, marketing, expansion, cost-cutting and increased efficiency. All these average needs for a business rely on the proper working tech.

vital to your business

Indeed, many companies that are set up in 2015 will be home run to save on costs. They will also operate almost entirely online. Look at blogging as an example. A blog is the most basic privately owned business out there. Wait a minute, is blogging a business? If you are a blogger, you have the potential to make millions off your creation, so yes, we count it as a business. It’s not even a small business because it has massive possibilities. So let’s look at exactly what tech is doing for other companies in the industry today.

Greener business

Technology is making businesses greener, and that’s important. We can consider the primary reason of business reputation first. We know that the planet is no longer in the best of shape, and while big businesses have tried to hide it for years, customers are starting to take notice. They are looking at companies and assessing which one is better for the environment. Something as simple as a shop offering reusable bags could push a consumer to take their business to this store rather than a competitor. Tech plays a big part in making this switch.

You may have seen around town that a lot of offices now have solar panels attached to their roofs, and this isn’t just about cutting costs. It’s about their reputation and the appearance of their company. They know it will make their business look modern and possibly attract new clients or investors. As well as this, you’ll find many companies are using the same methods that you use at home to reduce energy costs. This revolves around using the latest tech.

For instance, you should be aware that the latest computers and hardware are going to save the most energy. But, other companies are also getting rid of the hardware altogether. Instead of using a lot of power, they’re switching to digital means. For instance, rather than printing out fliers and cards, they’re using e-cards. This is the environmentally friendly way of getting your business message out there. It’s all thanks to tech.

Cheaper business

We’ve already briefly mentioned that a lot of new businesses are being set up from home. Why is that? The main reason is new business owners know that they’ll be in a better position to compete with cheaper overall costs. They won’t have to spend a fortune on office space or renting buildings. But they’ll still have all the staff that they need working for their business.

However, this is only possible due to the new improvements in technology. Without technology, people wouldn’t be able to work from home because there would be no way to network with employees and clients. But thanks to superfast internet speeds and IT support companies, it’s easy to set up your own computer network. That way you’ll constantly be in touch with your employees and your clients. As well as this you can now set up a cloud server.

A cloud server is a great way to cut costs because it also makes your business more efficient. It allows you to share any information instantly between people who are on your business network. The security of a cloud used to be a worry, but technology has provided the answer here as well. Advancing technology has meant that the security on a cloud is now more advanced than the security on your home computer.

An incredibly simple way that tech has meant reduced costs for businesses is outsourcing. Instead of hiring more employees to complete jobs in the business, these jobs can be outsourced. The reason that the outsourcing companies can afford to do this is because they are not offering staff, they’re offering tech. An example is call handling. Rather than having a number of people answering the phones in your business, you have a machine using an automated programme. It sounds like a human and can respond to voice activation, so customers believe they are getting a personal service. But really, their call is being handled automatically and only the calls that need an employee will be put through.

From saving on travel to reducing office space tech is leading the way on how to cut costs in business.

Increased visibility is vital to your business

Of course, if you want the best way tech has cut costs for businesses, that’s got to be internet marketing. In the past, to get your business noticed on the market you had no choice but to invest in the services of a TV or radio ad company. But now, you can market your business entirely online to a bigger audience and at a low cost. This has made smaller companies even more competitive and given them more than a fighting chance to become successful. But it doesn’t stop there because tech is also helping weed out bad companies.

By bad companies, we refer to businesses that are using internet marketing to get more interest than they should. Google now has software that can assess a website, and if they think it is poor quality, the search ranking decreases. This way only the best companies are found by customers, improving the industry as a whole.

It seems hard to deny that technology has changed the business world. The question is, can we ever go back? The answer, of course, resoundingly, is no. Imagine what would happen if technology stopped working tomorrow. If every microchip suddenly halted. The global industry would crash, falter and fall. It is clear then that tech isn’t just vital to your business. At this point, technology and business are one in the same. 

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