Internet retailers must embrace emojis

Global courier ParcelHero says e-retailers must get the picture about emojis: the fastest growing language in history.

Internet retailing has moved beyond the written word, says retail delivery experts ParcelHero. Retailers who are communicating with customers and developing new marketing techniques should adopt emojis: those small image icons such as a smiling face or ‘thumbs up’.

emojis on notes

ParcelHero’s head of public relations, David Jinks, explains, “Our research shows 92% of the online population now use emojis. For many they are replacing text and internet terms such as ‘LOL’, as they are quicker to use and more fun than text.”

“Internet traders, from the smallest eBayer to giants such as Amazon, all need to start using the language of emojis. ParcelHero’s new research shows that people of all ages are happily emoting with emojis, and are using them to communicate with e-tailers to give feedback on products and deliveries. After all a smiling face, or a frowning face for that matter, says a thousand words.”

He continued, “Emojis are not just for millennials – web users in their 40s and beyond are enthusiastically using them. They are quicker to use and more immediate in their message than text. Interestingly our research, and that of Emoji designers Emogi, shows woman are even more likely to use them than men. Increasingly consumers are using them when communicating with retailers, and switched-on retailers will do well to echo this style in their messages to customers.”

“In New York, some fast food stores are accepting burger and fries emoji icons as actual orders. After all, what else needs to be said? Emojis are fun, but for web retailers they are also a serious opportunity to talk to their consumers in a less formal and more engaged way.”

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