Keeping your business data secure

Lately, there have been a lot of news stories about firms suffering data breaches. They are a big concern for everyone customers and companies alike.

A data breach causes untold damage to a business, so data security is an extremely important issue for all kinds of firms. Many people assume that the majority of these data attacks are launched remotely. That is to say that the stolen data has been accessed and downloaded from a physical PC, laptop or mobile device. To help you to avoid this happening to you we have put together the following guidance to keep your data secure.

secure your dataSecure entry to your work premises

There is no point in securing your servers, putting up firewalls, and using data encryption if you are going to allow someone to simply walk into your premises and steal your data. Securing your premises is still essential even if you are not the type of firm that has lots of valuable equipment and materials lying around. Sometimes data is more valuable than physical goods, which is why so many criminals are now targeting it.

The first step in securing your premises is to limit access. That means controlling all physical entrances and exits. You can employ security staff to help you to do this or adapt your employee ID cards to do a similar job or assist your existing guards. All you need to do is to upgrade your identification cards to ones that include access chips or magnetic strips. Pair this with a basic entry system and you will be able to stop someone without the proper security or personnel ID from entering your premises and using a USB device to access data held on your system.

The advantages of printing your own staff identification cards

Keeping the production of ID cards in house will help you to maintain better access security. It also means that you can regularly update the design of your staff identification cards, which make it very hard for a fraudster to make copies of them.

It is easy for you to start producing your own staff ID cards. In fact , you can buy everything you need online from a trusted and reputable business such as Digital ID.

Secure the data on your PCs

Making sure that every laptop and PC has a strong password is security 101. Regularly change those passwords and make sure that staff are not writing them down somewhere. Keep an eye out for workers who peek in their drawer before signing in to their PC. Look under keyboards and desk lights to find out who is writing their password down and compromising your firm’s security. Usually a quiet word is enough to stop them from doing this.

You should also install physical and software devices to stop data being copied via the USB device. Secure your servers in every way possible including putting in place security to stop them from being accessed physically as well as remotely. The more layers of security you put in place the less likely it is that your data will be compromised.

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