How to use offline marketing to boost online traffic

Ask anyone about the marketing tactics they use to increase their online audience, and you will probably get similar answers. SEO, content marketing, more concentration on social media – they can all work, of course. But, there are plenty of ways to boost your traffic using more traditional marketing methods. 

shutterstock_288302747Real world marketing materials

Most business owners sign off their emails with direct links to their website these days – it’s fairly standard practice. However, you should also make sure that you have your web address on every single marketing material you have in your armoury. That goes for business cards, leaflets, brochures – and even letterheads. It’s an obvious ploy – but you would be surprised at the amount of letters that are sent without a web address on them.

Networking events

Networking events can be hit and miss, but they do give you the opportunity to grow more traffic. Don’t use it as a sales pitch, however. There is often a lot of noise in this kind of event, and everyone is looking to get business from their afternoon or evening. To cut through that noise, try coming up with some ideas instead. Perhaps you could organise a hackathon, or maybe even a charity event. If you can offer something that excites people, then more of them will remember you and visit your website at a later date.

Trade shows

Trade shows are expensive, so it’s important to get them right. They offer you an opportunity to get face to face with potential customers who already show an interest in your industry. You’ll need to stand out – take a look over at for a good example of a great exhibition stand. But, you’ll also need to be able to work the room. Try and get an email address from everyone you talk to, and build up an email list. Follow up with a personalised email, and you should see a rise in your website hits.

The local media

A lot of people forget about their local media these days, although it’s hard to explain why. Local radio ads, for example, are still useful – and so is using the paper. Don’t think that one ad will do it – you will need a series of ads over a sustained period to make them work for you. Make sure your services and website address stand out, and you should get many more visitors.

Company vehicles

If you have any company vehicles with signage, make sure your web address is easy to read. In many cases, people will remember a website address much easier than they would a telephone number. This is especially important if you are a tradesperson. People will see you out and about on jobs, and if you can get them back to your website you can show them your worth. It will increase your visitors if everybody can see your address clearly on your van, truck, or car.

Online marketing is a great way to attract more business. But, as with anything else in life, you forget about the traditional methods at your own peril!