Choose the right designers for your business

Design matters more than ever. It has reached the point where professional design is taken as a key indicator for service or product quality.

photo1Most small business owners understand their customers better than marketing specialists and they know how to present themselves. However, they still need their collateral to be designed to a high standard to be credible. Getting good design is a challenge for small businesses. The ones who master it experience growth and they have an advantage in persuading new customers to join their existing customer base.

The three challenges for entrepreneurs

Today’s entrepreneurs face three challenges when it comes to building a great image using design. The first is finding the right talent, the second is managing the process and the third is sticking to limited budgets. Coordinating specialised designers and managing the creative process is something most entrepreneurs can’t do with a reasonable time expenditure. Agencies can help, but the cost is prohibitive.

While new solutions, such as contests and outsourcing to offshore freelancers, have been tried in recent years, the fact remains that it is difficult to beat the design quality produced by a team of full time creatives within a specialised design agency.

photo2What can you do?

Recently, a new type of design agency has emerged, which combines the benefits of the digital world with the time-tested concept of a creative agency, for example Design Delivery.

Regardless of geographical location, a salon owner can choose from clearly defined deliverables with clear prices and then brief the agency through the online client area. While the in-house team is working on the design, the owner has clear oversight over what’s going on. Once the design is ready, the owner can use a simple interactive online tool to give precise feedback. After the deliverables have been approved, all their files are neatly stored and can retrieve them at any time in the future. Ordering new deliverables and variations in the future is just as easy and streamlined.

Why it works

While digital marketplaces have approached the problem from a transactional perspective and act as middlemen between freelancers and clients, this new type of agency has a client-centric approach where the process is designed to make his life easier. By being in control of a simplified process, the client can focus on what really matters. “Behind the scenes there are lots of mechanisms that make this work: project managers and designers work in sync for new and recurring clients,” explains Dennis Lenard, CEO at Design Delivery.

The reason why agencies like Design Delivery are preferred by both seasoned business owners and startups, is that a cohesive team of professionals take long term responsibility for the work, but the whole process is simplified and made accessible to the busy entrepreneur. Dennis points out that “there simply is no substitute for this old-school way of doing things. After 10 years in the design industry I am convinced that senior creative staff cannot be replaced by any digital innovation.”

By incorporating new and old best practices, Design Delivery offers excellent design quality with a simple process that is tailored to the needs of a busy entrepreneur.