The simplified printer buying guide

Printer specialists, Printerland, have simplified the sometimes complicated printer buying process by developing the Jargon-Busting Printer Guide. The infographic has been designed to remove any confusion surrounding the initials and titles which find their way into printer names – helping individuals and business identify the perfect printer for their specific needs.

Understanding that some printer features can be a little bit difficult for customers to immediately comprehend, Printerland have moved to add clarity to all descriptions and functions. What you need is a printer buying guide to help you wade through the jargon.

Printers are an essential for the office, even if you are trying to go paperless at some point or another you will need to print something out. You may need to even print out some documentation to send to clients and if you send over poorly printed documents you will lose that professional reputation that you have been building for years.

A printer can perform various useful functions. Do you need a photocopier? A scanner? A printer can do those things. Connect it to the internet then there is no need for cables snaking around the office, keeping it clean and tidy can aid productivity.

It is not always easy to understand the technical speak from salesmen. They use this language to baffle you into paying for something that you may not need. From paper sizes to colour scales – the infographic covers everything you’ll need to know to help you figure out which printer meets your needs.

Complete with a few fun (and sometimes weird) facts at the end, the infographic can ensure your next printer pick is based upon knowledge and insight, not lucky guesses and aesthetic appeal.

Printerland is a UK-based online printer store – stocking printers, inks, toners and much more from the top brands and manufacturers, all at amazing prices.

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