12 reasons to let your employees play games

All work and no play makes your employees dull boys (and girls), says Liberty Games’ Stuart Kerr.

The working environment can be a stressful place, where deadlines, heavy workloads and long hours take their toll. To counter this, some of the world’s biggest and most successful brands have turned to office games to motivate their employees with play.

Why should you let your employees play games?

Games are good for you

Games can get you off your feet and active. We all know the problems that come with sitting for long periods of time. Wearable devices remind us when we are sitting still for too long, so why not use this time to get more active and get your heart rate up. A healthier workplace is good for productivity, reduces absenteeism and staff take less sick days.

Relieves stress and boosts morale

Being active during the working day has another benefit, it relieves stress, which in turn boosts morale. If you are stressed you can make poor decisions. This can add to the stress to become a vicious circle. Taking your mind off that stressful activity by playing games for 10 minutes resets your brain and leads you to better choices. Knowing you have made the correct decision makes you happy, boosting your morale.

Improves talent retention

Happy employees make better workers. If your business is running like a well oiled machine, you need to keep that team together. Your business needs to stand out from the competition. Offering higher wages is great, but offering a better working life is always better. Giving employees freedom to work, or play, when they feel the top of their game will improve your talent retention.

Office games have been proven to reduce stress, increase talent retention and boost concentration among workers. Whether it’s a tea break over the pool tables, a brief battle on the arcade machine or a lunchtime ping-pong tournament, office games also help with team bonding, improve cognition and keep workers refreshed.

Interested? Check out this short infographic guide on all the benefits of office games:

play games

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