Making capital work both ways is an exciting new concept that brings together the two most important aspects of Capital: financial and human.

InvestorDirector image for articleUntil now, these have been regarded as separate entities, where companies seeking financial investment have looked in one direction, while their search for Management Buy-In candidates has set its sights along a different, unconnected course. The unique approach offered by allows companies to look in two directions at the same time, bringing into focus a single source where financial capital and human capital are inextricably linked.

A word of caution, however is not to be confused with the plethora of crowd-funding platforms available to company owners and entrepreneurs. It is completely different: it offers access to people who are actively seeking to get involved in making the business a success through both their financial commitment and their expertise. What’s more, this service is completely free for the company seeking this dual form of investment.

Consider, for instance, the search for MBI candidates: they are hard to find, and companies invest a great deal of time and effort in such strategies as networking and dealing with third party professional advisors. What has done is removed the legwork. It gives company owners and entrepreneurs the platform to find financial investors who not only bring funding with them but also their black book of contacts and crucially the skills that often proved elusive to companies seeking such areas of expertise.

There are obvious benefits for both sides: for companies, they attract skilled operators who put their money where their mouth is. For MBI candidates, they are given a single platform that allows them to showcase their experience and work with companies who value their expertise as well as their money. is founded by Ian Wright, who has been running headhunting firms for the past 15 years, helping businesses find top-level talent.  Over the past three years, along with Matthew Roberts, he has built the UK’s largest Non-Executive Director network that now outranks all other NED networks, with more than 6000 members and over 100,000 monthly visitors. is used by a wide range of companies from UK Government to fast-growth tech companies.

Wright states that “ was an obvious follow-on to the global network of Director platforms we operate across the UK and USA, as a large number of members have cash to invest but want more than a passive role”.

With over one thousand members already committed within their current networks, aggregating a total in excess of £800m, is the ideal platform for companies and entrepreneurs to attract Capital Investment in both financial and human terms.