Mercedes C-Class review: Style and class

If you’re looking for classy, stylish and gadget-filled business lease cars, then look no further than the Mercedes C-Class.

From the incredibly classy interior, to the low emissions and cheap company car tax, the C-Class is definitely a fantastic choice for a business car. It may not be the cheapest car company car around, but the Mercedes C-Class makes up for it with the executive performance and attractive style. A great car leasing choice whether you’re looking at personal or business leasing.

Mercedes C-ClassThe C Class has an optional Airmatic suspension, which makes things very comfortable when travelling on the motorway. However, it does make the car feel a bit jittery around town. You can always put the suspension into Sport mode, which helps considerably. With Sport mode you can tackle winding roads and power through corners with ease. The Airmatic suspension is a great option to go for, as the standard set up of suspension is a bit of a let-down, so it’s not as agile or easy to handle. All the models seem to handle bumps in the road relatively well, but Airmatic suspension will definitely help.

One of the more popular engines in the C-Class is the C220 diesel. Although economical in design, it still manages to packs a bunch power like most Mercedes cars. You’ll get some real oomph from this diesel engine, and the acceleration is swift too. You could also opt for the petrol-powered C220, but we feel it lacks the power of the diesel. Plus, it takes more revs to get the same effect as the diesel.

One of the best parts of the C-Class has to be the classy interior. The quality is beautiful, and everything has been made with quality in mind. Even the buttons and switches feel elegant. When it comes to the controlling the interior, you can do so via a central tablet-style screen with a rotary dial and touchpad. All models come with this, though they’re a little bit fiddly to use. However, it’s incredibly useful once you get used to it. The rest of the dashboard is laid out simply, and looks very sleek. If you got for the AMG model, you’ll get even more luxury to enjoy, with imitation leather on the dashboard.

There’s also a tonne of space for everyone inside, even for tall passengers, with a good amount of head and legroom. The boot space is pretty much the same size as rivals, and the loading bay is wide enough to easily fit luggage inside. If you’re looking for more space, then the split-folding rear seats come as standard, and can be laid flat with the bottom of the boot when needed.

As for the gadgets and tech, you’ll get some great kit as standard. Even the entry level SE model comes with 16 inch alloys, leather seating, DAB radio, climate and cruise control, wipers that can sense rainfall, and a camera for reversing. You’ll get even more with the Sport trim, and we definitely recommend it. With the Sport trim you get an even classier interior, 17 inch alloys, parking sensors on both the back and front, sat-nav, heated seats, and much more. Don’t forget the AMG models if you want to get the AMG bodykit and even more tech.

Overall, while the Mercedes C-Class may be pricey to buy, you can lease it for much cheaper, and it comes with so much to offer. A truly sublime executive car, with a tonne of tech and great economical performance.

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