The high tech computing coming to your workplace in 2016

Silicon Valley’s tech scene is thriving and buzzing more than ever. Famously birthing the likes of Facebook, Google, and Twitter, the area is a hotbed of startup talent. But, it’s not just the ideas and innovation that intrigue us about these companies. It’s their offices!

These tech startups approach the office in a very different way to traditional companies. Some of them look like playgrounds with built-in restaurants and ping pong tables in the break room. But, best of all, they’re equipped with some of the best high tech computing technology on the planet.

Today, we’re opening the doors to some of these tech offices. We’ll show you behind the scenes, and teach you how to create a similar high-tech solution of your own. When you adopt high-tech solutions in the office, you’ll quickly boost productivity and motivation. Technology makes the office run smoothly, and encourages better work. What’s not to love? Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the ideas out there.

High tech computing systems

We’ll start with the simple and the obvious. Your office needs a reliable, fast, and high-tech computer network. Slow computers drive down productivity, and frustrate your employees. What you need is a fast, powerful solution with modern machines, and the latest software. When your computers are at the top of their game, so are your worker bees. It’s also worth making friends with a solid IT support and computer repair company. Inevitably, your system will let you down at some point. When it does, you need an expert on the phone!

Smart virtual assistants

This isn’t exactly commonplace just yet, but it’s growing rapidly in Silicon Valley offices. Think of it like a super powered Siri. A smart virtual assistant is essentially a software programme that organises your calendar, computer files, and documents. They will respond to voice commands, and anticipate your work commitments. It’s all very futuristic, but it could be just what you need to get your to-do list in order!

The internet of things

The tech blogosphere has been obsessed with the ‘Internet of things’ for a while. It has become one of those industry buzzwords without ever coming to fruition. However, it now looks like some offices are beginning to adopt aspects of it. It’s all about how our devices and technology instinctively talk to each other. For example, your watch might trigger the coffee machine to turn on at a particular time in the day. This connection will soon extend across the entire office, with smart machines talking to each other.

Privacy and security

The biggest topics in the tech world right now are privacy and security. After a series of high-profile cyber hacking incidents, companies are more worried than ever. Huge companies like Talk Talk and Vodafone have suffered data breaches in the last six months. If the biggest companies on the planet are at risk, so is your startup. New technologies are introduced on a regular basis, designed to keep our computer systems safer and more secure. If your company is to thrive, it needs to secure itself from the ground up.

Virtual and augmented reality

Here’s another very futuristic concept, but one that is a very serious reality. Next year, we will finally see the release of the highly anticipated Oculus Rift. It’s the most advanced form of virtual reality we’ve seen yet, and was bought by Facebook for $2 billion. Its primary market will be the videogame sector. However, the tech world is already discussing how they will use them in the office. Both virtual and augmented reality will be used to conduct international meetings or train employees. Fascinating stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Collaborative cloud software

Most offices are already using cloud systems to a certain extent. Many companies use the likes of Dropbox to store documents and transfer large amounts of data. These cloud storage systems have become commonplace. However, what is now prevalent is collaborative software. A simple example of this is Google Docs. It allows members of the office to easily access and edit collaborative documents. There’s no need to make printouts and edits any more. You can instantly make changes online. You can do the same with collaborative calendars to keep everyone on the same page. It’s all about boosting productivity and efficiency in the office. Collaborative cloud software makes that easier than ever.

How many of these high tech computing solutions are you currently using in your office? More importantly, how many would you like to be using? Most of these solutions are freely available or just around the corner. If you’re wondering what the office of the future looks like, this is it.

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