Boost your income with unexpected side hustle ideas

Does the thought of making more money sound interesting? Of course. Entrepreneurship is one of the best paths leading to this goal because it doesn’t always require hefty investment as with many common examples of small business.

In fact in many cases earning extra money via self-made enterprise doesn’t have to require quitting your day job. Entrepreneurship is accessible in your off-hours, thanks in part to the networking capabilities of mobile technology, the web, and a hefty dose of self-determination. These part-time ventures could one day lead to your two-weeks notice.

Short on ideas to make side income without investing and leaving your current place of employment? Here are several to help get would-be after-hours entrepreneurs started:


Using a skill or expertise is a great way to earn extra income, this can be achievable through tutoring. For example, those with a musical background can teach lessons online through sites such as instead of letting their talents collect dust in the bedroom closet. Online tools like this allow people to search by instrument and zip code and then read reviews in order to find the best possible teacher for them. You could be that teacher!


Creating content for companies in need of new updates to websites on a daily basis is perfect for anyone who loves to write. Starting off the pay may seem petty but the more you write the more you can demand from those seeking quality content. Search and other job sites for writing opportunities.


Owning a car makes you a cab driver these days thanks to companies like Uber. Granted your vehicle must qualify, but if it does this is one of the easiest ways to earn extra money on the side. If you own a car then you know how to drive. Besides the basics regarding keeping passengers comfortable, driving is all there is to it and money flows your way.

Online sales

Those with a habit or hobby revolving around bargain hunting can consider putting their skills to use making more money in their spare time. Many antiques, unopened products, and vintage clothing items found at secondhand stores can be swiftly flipped online for profit. The margins per item are minimal without volume, so coordinating the buy end is key. The hunt is the fun though.

Errand running

People are living longer and longer. It’s good news but also makes for a lot of poor souls without the physical means to easily get around town. This is where an enterprising albeit helpful man or woman steps in and offers to do all the errand running for the local elderly with physical limitations. This can be extended to anyone who frankly needs the help. Prices are calculated based on time, distance, and so forth, but one way or another it’s a considerate way to earn extra income.


Just about every other household has a dog, but few of them have the time or space necessary to keep a canine happy and healthy. At least this is what I’d be saying to the neighborhood dog owners if I were wanting to start a business walking them on a daily basis. An obvious requirement for this side gig is a tolerance for dogs and all their dirtiness. Perfect for those with a lot of spare time on their hands.

Cat and/or dog-sitting

If a house doesn’t have a dog it usually has a cat, or two, or all of the above, or even more animals of varying species. If yours doesn’t, and you aren’t allergic to felines, open your door to cat or dog sitting. There’s always a pet-owning family somewhere nearby going on vacation, and usually they’re desperate for an alternative to boarding the cat, dog, or whatever. Again, experience with these animals is probably a good idea, otherwise the chaos and messes can be a bit startling.

Who doesn’t want to make more money? We promote the small business path, and it doesn’t call for leaving the nine to five in the dust. Small businesses come in lots of shapes and sizes. Think outside the box to find a way to make money on the side through a low to zero investment venture.

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