Improving productivity with Office 365

Office 365 is a great way to provide useful tools and applications to your whole workforce at a great price. While you may already be using many of Office 365’s functions, there are a lot of services that you may not be utilising to their full potential. To help you get the most out of Office 365, we’ve put together a guide to those tools and applications that you may be paying for but not using.

shutterstock_347798588Collaborate easily with SharePoint

Many businesses don’t use SharePoint simply because they don’t fully understand the real benefits that it offers.

Simply, SharePoint is an application that allows you and your team to collaborate from anywhere, on any device. It acts as a central file repository that can be altered, added to and amended by anyone using your network.

Through Office 365 you benefit from 20GB of SharePoint storage plus 500MB for every subscription. And, adding additional storage is easy and cheap, making it great value compared to other cloud storage contracts.

Get an invaluable office assistant with Delve

Accessing the relevant information from numerous files and data in Office 365 can be daunting – and that’s where Delve comes in.

Delve acts as an assistant by sifting through all the information in Office 365 and giving you a summary of the latest document edits and additions. These updates are based on a range of factors including how widely a document has been shared and which documents you have been viewing recently.

It’s absolutely invaluable – particularly if you are in a management role or you have to deal with a lot of data or documents.

Store your files, folders and multimedia in the cloud with OneDrive

Your Office 365 subscription includes a huge amount of secure online storage. With 1TB of storage for every user, any of your staff can use OneDrive via their Office 365 log-in meaning they can see and access files from any device.

OneDrive also provides you with an alternative cloud storage facility, freeing up space on your local servers.

Communicate better with Skype for Business

While you may already be using Skype or Microsoft Lync, the Skype for Business feature in Office 365 offers a number of useful benefits.

Skype for Business makes it easy to split the screen letting you and a colleague see each other. The application also lets you increase the maximum number of conversation participants from 25 to 250, making it a great presentation tool. In addition, it is integrated with Microsoft Outlook, making it simple for you to schedule online meetings.


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