Publish or perish: eBooks as the top 2016 content marketing trend

There are some things within a business plan that are obvious to invest in, like a good responsive web design that is easy to navigate, a reliable hosting service like this with an option for scalability, and financing in good and talented people to keep your business running smoothly. However, when it comes to research, innovation, and marketing, what is relevant changes with the seasons and knowing where to invest your money can be a little tricky.

Among the many business trends and predictions for 2016, there is an estimate for marketing that highlights content marketing, specifically interactive content and monetisation of online content. One of the best methods that has emerged steadily over 2014 and 2015 that covers these areas is marketing and brand development of a company through eBooks; a tactic which is expected to see an increase in 2016 as well, and here is why.


Impeccable branding

There are many advantages that an eBook can bring to your business, a large one is the ability to brand your company in a certain way, encompassing your company’s ideology and doctrine, in a more extensive text than a mere blog post or website content. This allows you to develop your company goal and outline why yours is the best in the industry without actually just coming out and saying it, but really backing it up. You are able to put your money where your mouth is and show how much you really do know about your industry, the niche that you are marketing to, and how your company and product outshines the rest.

Credibility and a trusting, loyal following

In short, you are able to establish yourself and your company as a credible authority in the industry; there is almost no better or easier way to lay this foundation that through eBooks. This is part of branding, but it is also a strategic marketing tactic that gains you and your business a trusting and loyal following – brand loyalty and brand ambassadors. Put another way, it helps you to build your niche market base and is an effective customer retention strategy as well as acquisition.

A conscious approach: Remaining relevant

Because people voluntarily opt in for an eBook download, there is a conscious interaction with your brand and company. When people take the time to read through an eBook, they are engaging with your brand in a deeper way than perusing the company website or blog. It creates a long-lasting impact. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to get people to register for your mailing list, which is the second biggest marketing trend for 2016. If people need to register for the mailing list in order to be able to download the eBook, you are hitting two birds with one stone, as being able to engage them through email marketing tactics will ensure that your business is never out-of-sight and out-of-mind.

Monetising online content and marketing on a budget

From brand new startups to established businesses, everyone likes campaigns that allow you to market on a budget, and an eBook is one of the marketing tactics that yields high results with a low-budget investment. An eBook is a lower investment because it is an excessive amount of content created in one go that generates a launching pad full of useful marketing content, which can easily feed the company blog for about a year, depending on the extent of the eBook.

Moreover, eBooks are relatively cheap to produce, they increase engagement with your site and reach, and can even increase SEO success. On top of all of that, it is also the perfect medium through which to monetise your online content. This means that the energy invested in creating this content physically pays back dividends. It can be as low as £0.99 to £15.99, depending on your market and what they are willing to pay for your eBook. In short, how useful the material is to the community you are selling it to. See this article for tips on marketing your business with eBooks.

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