Bunking Brits set for work-time shopping spree in January sales

With many UK workers returning to the office this week, research from has found more than half of UK employees would happily hit the seasonal sales online when they should be working.

Young people are the most likely culprits to shop at work, according to the survey

Some 7% said they would even be willing to skip work altogether to grab a bargain in-store or online.

Young people are the most likely culprits at 69% – while overall respondents in Wales (70%) and Northern Ireland (69%) were the most likely to be derailed by deals. But Scottish bosses have the least to worry about, as only 47% of respondents in Scotland said they would sale shop online while working.

And it may surprise some to find home workers were slightly more dedicated than their colleagues in the office – being 2% less likely to skive off for some retail therapy.

Ciaron Dunne, Managing Director at, said, “January sales are always a danger time for businesses. Loads of us want to be out (or online) shopping for bargains, and it’s easy to see how this clash can lead to people skipping work or even just overrunning lunch breaks.”

“Clearly such behaviour causes problems for employers and tension among work colleagues. The best advice for employers is to acknowledge the situation and provide positive guidance as to what is expected of staff.”

“It’s rarely good for bosses to appear harsh and controlling, so if it’s possible to offer flexible working hours this may encourage the best of both worlds. For all employers this is an excellent opportunity to review and re-communicate internet use and flexible working policies.”

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