3 of the best electric cars for businesses

If you’re looking for a unique business car with incredibly low running costs, you should definitely consider an electric vehicle. Quick, quiet and economical, electric cars are much cheaper to run than their petrol counterparts, and are much more economical too. To save even more money, you could check out some cheap lease deals for company cars too.

Nissan LeafNissan Leaf

The Leaf is one of the best options on the market if you need something cheap to run. On top of this, the Leaf is incredibly plush and roomy, so you can travel to and from work in real comfort. It has bags of style too, with its distinctive lights and ultramodern style. You might think the engine wouldn’t be powerful enough, but this isn’t the case at all. It has a punchy engine that pulls hard straight away, making it utterly simple and effortless to drive. The Leaf handles itself well inside the city too, easily absorbing potholes and bumps with grace and ease. The steering is nicely weighted too, making you feel secure even at higher speeds. As for the interior, there’s plenty of space and tech to keep you occupied whether you’re on your way to a meeting or stuck in the early morning commute. Entry level models will get you climate control, electric windows, Bluetooth, a USB socket and keyless entry.

Volkswagen e-up!

With a stylish design and cheap running costs, the e-up! is a fantastic little electric car which feels right at home in any urban environment. The e-up! is hugely similar to the non-electric version, especially in regards to the exterior design and familiar feel behind the wheel. There is however, a nice subtle design change with the VW badge, which is now lined with electric blue. The e-up! makes for the ideal city car, with its responsive engine which has a range of roughly 90 miles when fully charged. Ultimately, the e-up! feels a lot like the petrol version, except the torque from the electric motor gives it a bit more zip. The overall driving experience is superb, with accurate steering and precise body control. It manages all this with minimal road noise too, so you can enjoy a smooth and quiet ride to and from work. It may be pricey to buy, but it’s cheap to run, and car leasing is always an option.

Toyota Prius Hybrid

Although the Toyota Prius is a mix of petrol and electric (thus technically a hybrid), it’s definitely not a car you want to miss out on. The Prius Hybrid effortlessly switches between electric and petrol power, making it a truly effortless and enjoyable drive. It’s also the first choice if you’re environmentally conscious, as it’s one of the best green cars around with incredibly low emissions. Running on electricity for short bursts of time, the Prius makes sense as a compatible business car, and is highly enjoyable when weaving through the city. One of the best perks of the Prius is how spacious the interior is. It can easily handle carrying five adults, with ample amount of head and legroom too. On top of this the boot has an impressive amount of room, so whether you’re carrying props to a meeting or travelling with colleagues and clients, there will be enough space for whatever or whoever is travelling with you.

Remember, whether you’re looking for an electric or petrol motor for work and business use, make sure to have a look at some of the cheapest car leasing options for you and your company.

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