6 of the best business gadgets for cars

When you’re driving around in your company car, you’ll want the very best of the best when it comes to business gadgets. Not only do they keep your car looking modern and professional, but they’re also incredibly useful too. We’ve had a look at some of the best gadgets and devices on the market, so you can impress your passengers and optimise your work-life even when you’re not in the office.

Business Gadget SatnavAnd if you’re looking for a new car with a tonne of spec and gadgets included, then you can always have a look at car finance. There are hundreds of finance cars to choose from that have some great tech included, from BMW’s fantastic infotainment system, to voice command and reversing cameras.

TomTom Go 6000
Satnavs are an almost essential addition for any company car. A decent satnav will save you from having to get a map up on your phone, or from digging out the aged atlas from the backseat. One of the best versions around has to be the TomTom Go 600. With a recent revamp in style, 45 maps of European countries, and a 3-month trial of speed camera locations, the Go 6000 is a welcome addition to any business car.

Garmin Dashcam 20
Having a dashcam on board will be an incredibly helpful asset to any company car. A dashcam can continuously record road footage for you, which you can then use in the case of an accident or insurance claim. The Garmin 20 is top of the range and will record your entire journey, capture still images, has GPS locations for position tagging, and has a special sensor to detect incidents.

Parrot Minikit Neo 2 HD
The Parrot is a nifty way to make and take calls, without having to use your hands or pull over to make a call. So you can talk to your colleagues and clients in the car, fuss free. The Parrot is a Bluetooth controlled device which you can clip onto your sun visor. It’s also voice controlled, with superb sound quality, and a cool matching app on your phone to enhance the experience.

ZENS Qi Wireless Cup Holder
If you constantly use your phone for work and are worried about it running out of charge, then the wireless cup holder is a handy addition. When you get into the car, simply pop your phone into the cup and it will instantly begin charging. This is a great device for busy people constantly on the move who may forget to charge up their phone before work.

Filemaster Car Desk
Although the Filemaster isn’t technically electronic, it’s still a superb device that will make your work-life so much easier. With the Filemaster you can store important documents, and use the no-skid surface for your laptop, and storage compartments for everything else. So no matter where you are, you’ve always got your mobile office space with you.

EE Buzzard 2
Instead of relying on your mobile data to connect to the internet, you can use the Buzzard 2 to get Wi-Fi on the move. It plugs directly into a power socket in the car, and can support up to 10 devices at a time. More than enough for all your work laptops, tablets and mobiles. So you can check your emails and get extra work done wherever you decide to drive.

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