2016’s Top ten strategic tech trends

2016 is already well underway, and a few strategic technology trends have emerged as hot topics for the year.

In order to highlight the coming tech trends, Lucas Blake has created the infographic below that outlines the top ten trends for this year, according to the technology research company Gartner.

1. The Device Mesh

The Device Mesh refers to an expanding set of endpoints people use to access their apps – things like mobile, wearable and automobile devices.

2. Ambient User Experience

Here, we’re talking about blending your electronic experience seamlessly across devices, and even into the real world.

3. 3D Printing Materials

We expect to see an overhaul of the whole production industry, owing to additive manufacturing developments.

4. Information of Everything

IoE involves going beyond devices transmitting standard visual or audio information, to include sensory and contextual information.

5. Advanced Machine Learning

Deep Neural Nets (DNNs) create systems that can learn to perceive the world on their own, from minor details through to large abstract features.

6. Autonomous Agents and Things

The Machine Learning mentioned above gives rise to a whole host of applications, including robots, automatic cars and virtual personal assistants.

7. Adaptive Security Architecture

Understandably, as technology develops, so must security change with it. Emerging “hacker industries”, in conjunction with increasingly complex systems, mean that current security measures may not be enough.

8. Advanced System Architecture

These technological advances demand considerable computer architecture. In order to facilitate this, neuromorphic architecture, powered by Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), function in a manner similar to a human brain – perfectly suited for deep learning.

9. Mesh App and Service Architecture

Mesh App and Service Architecture relates to app and service development needing to be less rigid and linear. Developers are tasked with creating modern architectures to deliver agile, flexible and dynamic cloud-based applications with user experiences that span the digital mesh, for web-scale performance.

10. Internet of Things Platforms

Internet of Things (IoT) platforms are representative of the background work to bring the IoT and mesh app and service architecture to life.

Technological developments this year and beyond are going to have a significant and pervasive impact on everyday life and, as a result, the way businesses operate. However, the biggest changes for 2016 won’t end on 31st December.

To quote David Cearley, Gartner Fellow and Vice President, ‘[these] top 10 strategic technology trends will shape digital business opportunities through 2020’. It’s therefore more important than ever to stay up to date.

The Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends

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