The video marketing trends of 2016

In the marketing world, it is important to be aware of growing trends in the market around you. Identifying trends will help you to understand the kinds of things consumers are interested in, and it is beneficial to your business to have a healthy grasp in terms of what competition you’re up against. In order to know what to prepare for this year, Hyperfine Media have created an infographic that features the top video marketing trend predictions of 2016.

One of the key changes in the current video market is a shift away from television and towards computers and smartphones. More and more people tend to watch television series and films on demand, on their laptops, tablets and phones while they are on the move. This means that there is less passive ‘binge-watching’ of a particular television channel, meaning that advertisers have to be smart and savvy, adapting their modes of advertisement to reflect this.

Mobile video budgets have increased a lot in the last two years, which shows that advertisers are aware that the way in which people get their video entertainment is changing. A mobile phone is actually a great vehicle for marketing due to the fact that it is incredibly personal, and that most people carry one with them at all times. Based on the kinds of programmes and videos consumers watch, marketing agencies can tailor-make advertisements to specific target audiences.

The ever-growing and rapidly changing virtual world means that the sheer volume of video content that exists today is colossal. The popularity of the smartphone and accessibility of basic editing software means that more people than ever are making and uploading videos to promote their own content. The video market is constantly expanding, which means that a clip has to be incredibly niche or affecting in order to stand out. Spend a day doing some market research and identify which viral videos are the most successful. Try and identify similarities between them, in order to get a better idea of what makes an effective and unique video that appeals to specific audiences.

It’s important to be very aware of the fact that the way people watch films and television is undergoing an enormous shift. The most switched on marketers will learn how to monopolise on these changes, and connect with people through their smartphones and tablets, wherever they might be.


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