Conference room of the future: What the Microsoft Surface Hub could do for your business

Microsoft made an announcement back in January unveiling its Surface Hub at a Windows 10 event, stirring excitement amongst business owners and technology enthusiasts alike. But what is the Surface Hub and why should you consider investing in one?


Microsoft have been innovators in bringing out new technology for decades, paving the way for electronic devices and how they work both in your personal and business life, unlocking the potential to have a smoother and more advanced user experience. Whether it is software, the latest product or service, Microsoft are always on top of their game. Here we take a look at some of the features of the Microsoft Surface Hub and how they can benefit your business.

The future of business collaboration

Microsoft’s vision was not just to have a computer in each house, or every person’s pocket, but also on the wall of every conference room. Microsoft’s executive stated that for the Surface Hub to work, it needed to be as easy as paper, a powerful as a video teleconferencing system and as easy to connect to as a regular TV. The idea of having a multifunctional, high performance device installed in every office is surely very appealing.

Microsoft have provided many solutions to improve our individual productivity but there has never been such a big innovation in team productivity and collaboration. Businesses with multiple offices, either throughout the UK or even worldwide, would be able to take advantage of the Surface Hub’s specifications that make creating and sharing content more streamlined and seamless.

Make meetings more tolerable

The Microsoft Surface Hub is essentially a team collaboration device, designed to advance the way in which colleagues work together. Its interactive display technology allows the combination of Windows 10, Skype for Business, Office and Universal Windows apps all under one device.

Designed around a highly responsive screen built for both ink and touch, the Surface Hub allows users to share and interact effortlessly. With two models; the the 55-inch screen and 84-inch 4K version, the Surface Hub can also connect to a number of different platforms including Mac, Android and iOS, adding to the advanced aspect of the device.

Smooth user experience

There are many specific features that have been incorporated into the Surface Hub to ensure that all shutterstock_295415033users gain access to an advanced piece of technology which works to their needs. Using an integrated Kinect sensor, the Surface Hub fires up as soon as it recognises you which if nothing else provides an impressive start to this device.

It includes a pen which also doubles up as an eraser, and the device allows you to move content across the screen. The Surface Hub has the capacity to allow more than one user at a time; meaning one person could be making notes while another goes through a presentation or something similar.

Microsoft have not only dealt with the bigger issues such as creating the device itself, but have also looked at smaller tweaks that improve the user’s experience. The laminated screen incorporates the glass, capacitive film and LCD panel all in one sheet, meaning it is a less reflective surface and the image is virtually right underneath your fingertips.

The cameras for video conferences are at eye level and while in a Skype video call you are able to see users in a small screen, with a main screen dedicated to sharing presentations or other documents. Once the video call has finished, content can be automatically collected and shared with all participants.

If a separate device supports Miracast or HDMI, a phone or tablet can also be used in conjunction with the Microsoft Surface Hub, furthering productivity and the ability to share across devices.

The Microsoft Surface Hub is a huge vital piece of technology that could completely change the way you conduct your business. Its state-of-the-art features take it up a notch from just being a digital whiteboard. Due to this, Microsoft only works closely with a select few resellers. If you are interested in investing in one for your business then get in touch with a company who has unrivalled experience in visual collaboration solutions, such as Viju.