Five of the best cars your business can lease for less than £150 a month

There are many reasons why businesses of all shapes and sizes choose to lease cars. But one of the main reasons is that costs are spread evenly across the life of the lease.

To lease cars means there’s no depreciating asset that has to be recorded on the balance sheet, or hefty unexpected repair bills later down the line, which can reach up to £4,000 per car per year, according to the RAC. And what about selling the car when you want to refresh the fleet?

By choosing contract hire, entrepreneurs can reduce administrative burden and plan ahead financially in one of the largest areas of company spending. So, deciding you want to lease is a no-brainer, but choosing which car to lease can be trickier. With more than 1.6 million business car leasing deals on right now, we’ve picked out five of the best cars your business can lease for under £150 a month, to help ensure an even healthier bottom line. 

Mini Hatchback

It’s no exaggeration to say that this is the best car to wear the Mini badge since BMW started building Minis in 2001, and for less than £150 a month, you can have the surprisingly efficient 1.5L diesel Mini Hatch. The three-door model underlines its business credentials by emitting just 92g/km of CO2, which means no road tax. It also returns returning 80.7mpg over a mix of city and motorway driving. With such attractive running costs, its eye-catching stylishness is the cherry on the cake. 

Citroen C4 Cactus

Another attention-grabber on our list, and the first question from curious onlookers tends to be “what are those bubbles on the side?”. These ‘airbumps’ look like bubble wrap and they work pretty much like bubble wrap too, providing protection against everyday scratches and bumps. So no need to worry about anyone scraping along your car anymore. It’s cheap to run too, with free road tax for diesel drivers and up to 83.1mpg. If you prefer petrol, it’s just £20 a year, but even that’s after zero Vehicle Excise Duty for the initial 12 months and you can still enjoy 61.4mpg combined.

Ford Fiesta

British motorists buy more Fiestas than any other car. It has been the UK’s number one best-selling car since 2009 with Ford shifting 15 Fiestas an hour in 2015. That kind of success is no fluke. The foolproof Fiesta strikes the perfect balance in every area. It’s compact yet roomy, it’s well-styled without looking aggressive, it’s nippy but soft on fuel. All this box ticking comes at the right price too, and right now, there are more deals under £150 for the Fiesta than any other model so you’ve got plenty to go at.

Smart Fortwo / Forfour

Some businesses don’t need their vehicles to have that much space. They want the opposite. They want super-nimble handling, tight turning circles and tiny dimensions. So if the rear seats and boot is going to be dead space, this dinky Smart is perfect. The clue’s in the name; the Fortwo is for two people, just like the Forfour has room for four. It’s ideal for inner city firms. Free road tax and 68.9mpg will appease the accountants too. One more point; if you’re unsure about the restraints of the Fortwo but sold on Smart’s kooky ideals, the Forfour can be picked up for well under £150 too.

Kia Sportage

At the opposite end to the Fortwo, if your employees need to transport products on long journeys. the Sportage spoils you with acres of space and buckets of comfort. Amiable suspension and chunky tyres soak up any nasty ruts in the road and on long jaunts, the cushy seats and elevated ride height are a blessing. Top that off with 54.3mpg and the Sportage offers a tasty alternative to the ubiquitous Nissan Qashqai.

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