Planning an event in London? Is a London based events agency your best choice?

If you are planning to hold an event in London and it is not the city you are based in – whether you are from London or located elsewhere in the UK or even in a different country, some event planning assistance is strongly recommended.

shutterstock_299025833Whether it is a conference, a meeting, a party, an exhibition or any other kind of professional event, London is a great choice because it is the epicentre of UK business, the biggest city in Europe, and one of the most significant business destinations in the world. However, because there is so much going on in London at any given time, without the right planning and the right knowledge of different London areas, venues and other factors key to the success of your event, you may struggle to make your event a success unless you have a London centric events company helping you.

Location is key

Unless you know London very well, it can seem like there are endless places you can host your event, and they vary wildly in size and price. You may assume that anywhere within the city is a short journey by tube and that the people you want to attend will make their way to your venue, wherever in London it happens to be.

Actually, the part of London your event is held in can make a lot of difference. Every region in the city has a different vibe, and it’s important to choose one that meshes with the style of your business, brand or audience. Choosing Mayfair for an event for socially conscious environmentalists would seem odd, as would choosing Brixton for your high end brand, or Bank for your convention for hip hop artists.

Distance matters

Places that may seem to be in London geographically can actually be quite far out from the city centre. So, while it may be cheaper to have your event in Barnet or Croydon, it’s not really the same as having it in zone 1! London is, in square miles, almost twice as big as New York City, so it is best not to think of everywhere as being a stone’s throw away! You may not know the specifics of different London neighbourhoods, and even event planners from outside of the M25 might struggle with this, but this knowledge is what a London based event management company like MGN Events can really bring to the table.

Insider knowledge

Another reason why it is best to use a London based events agency when you want to hold an event in the city, is that if most or all of their events are held in London, they have a very good network of service providers and venues who can help create an event how you want it, within your budget. An events agency will be able to help with transport arrangements, and hotel bookings, and will be able to recommend places to entertain your guests.

When you are hosting an event in London, always look for an events management team that works in the city of London area. Their local knowledge and connections can be key to making your event a success!