101+ actionable business growth strategies

The passion to outpace others is what keeps businesses alive and thriving, no doubt about that; but it’s much easier said than done. Endless businesses perish daily, but equally true is the fact that countless businesses make it to the top as well.

One thing is for sure; no one becomes the part of business world with the intent of failure. However, still many fail to make it, while some of their competitors keep going on and on. There must be something that winners hit, while losers miss. Ever tried to figure it out?

If the thoughts of deep contemplation are intimidating you, you are in luck, because there are these 36 top business experts ready to share their success secrets with you in this colourful and wonderful infographic by Technorian titled “101+ Practical and Effective Tips for Business Growth”.

We are not talking about a few tips, but 101+, which is what makes this collection so significant. Another great thing about it is that these are the faces most of us are familiar with, one way or the other. They are not from some past era, they live, eat and dress very much like most of us.

The only thing that makes them different (read better) from us is their unparalleled business success. So, let’s explore what they have to share.