Top 10 skills business owners look for in new employees

Finding the right person for your business isn’t easy. They need to match the ethos of the company, work alongside your current employees and, most importantly, help the business grow. 

shutterstock_211835152In this current economic climate the demand for jobs is very high, which is exactly why you should use an agency to help you find the right person for your business. A recruitment agency can help you with your job search in any sector, as they understand how businesses work and know what to look for on your behalf. 

The following is a top 10 run down of what both business owners and recruitment agencies look for in a potential candidate.

  1. Commercial awareness

What is the main goal for most businesses? To make a profit, of course. A business wants employees to be commercially aware, ensuring every decision they make is made with the company in mind.

  1. Positive attitude

Having a “no can do attitude” in a working environment is never going to go down well with a business owner. They want to see your drive. They want to see you pushing forward, helping the business grow.

  1. Decisiveness

No business owner wants an employee that cannot make a decision for themselves. The ability to make a decision with little hesitation shows your potential to be a leader; it’s an essential quality to possess.

  1. Organisational skills

This one goes without saying. Every business owner wants their employees to be well organised. In order for a business to run successfully, everyone needs to manage both their time and workload efficiently.

  1. Flexibility

It’s important to business owners that their employees are flexible. They want someone that’s happy to work alongside them, not someone that works against them.

  1. Commitment

No business owner wants to have a high turnover of staff; it can potentially cost the business, slowing down growth. Business owners want to know that you’re there for the long run. Time wasters need not apply.

  1. Team player

Most jobs require you to work alongside others. A business owner wants employees that work together as a team, pooling their resources to push the company further. How can a business grow if the employees can’t work together?

  1. Problem solver

Work isn’t supposed to be an easy ride. You’re always going to come up against issues along the way. Businesses want their employees to solve these problems, moving past the obstacles without hindering the company.

  1. Creativity

Whilst not every business requires their employees to be creative, it’s a great quality being able to bring something new to the table. Every business owner wants an employee that can help their company grow with fresh ideas and initiatives.

  1. Professionalism

A business owner wants an employee that can represent the company; someone that engages with clients and customers in a professional manner. Ultimately, you’re representing the company, so it’s important to give a good impression.

The list could easily go on, but these points give you a good idea. These are skills that every business owner should look for, whatever industry they’re in.